• Commissioner asks would the non-voters please shut up

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The latest ballot count at the county auditor’s office shows few changes to election results expected to be certified on the 26th. Voter turnout for Grays Harbor is at 48.2% for the November General Election. Now that your ballots are in, Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon has a sentiment he’d like to share “All of you out here that are bitching, unless you got a stamp on your hand or something that shows that you voted please shut up.
    Gordon said on Coffeetalk yesterday “You people that sit and complain but don’t get involved, you can mail it. If you have a problem on the next [election] call and I’ll come and pick it up and mail the sucker for you. But you know our country will go down the tube if we don’t have people involved.
    The commissioner is expecting to take more heat in the coming months as the county faces a tough budget with support for an unpopular levy shift that could again move as much as a million from the county’s road fund into their general fund. “We’re going to try to take as little as possible, I know the mayors and stuff hate it. I hate shifting money from one fund to the other because then it cuts some of the work that the road fund can do, but we have to keep our offices open.”
    Commissioner Herb Welch has voted for the shift in the past, and each time said he would rather avoid it, Commissioner Wes Cormier is against the idea.
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  • Primary Election results show support for local EMS

    MONTESANO, Wash. – With a 17.7% voter turnout for the Primary election, both of Westport’s EMS Levies are passing, as well as Fire District 3 and 14 EMS levies.
    In Aberdeen, Michelle Barclay will face incumbent councilman Denny Lawrence.
    Karrie Fruen challenges incumbent Drew Hooper for Hospital Dist. 1 Position 3.
    The County Auditor reports the next ballot count will be Friday, results will be certified on the 20th, the General Election is in November.

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  • Hot August, Not-So-Hot Primary?

    SEATTLE – The primary election is coming up next week here in Washington, and even the convenience of mail-in ballots in 38 counties is not expected to improve the turnout, which is projected at only 30 percent.

    Since it’s not a national election year, the August 18 primary is mostly local, for mayors, city and county officials and some judges. If you think there aren’t enough important reasons to cast a ballot, says Aaron Ostrom, executive director of the progressive voters’ group Fuse Washington – think again.

    "If people care about transportation or development and smart growth; about property taxes, about public health or public safety; about parks or libraries, they need to vote in this election. Because these are the folks who are going to be making those decisions."

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  • Vote

    Filing week with over 100 positions open in Grays Harbor

    This fall, Grays Harbor will have over 100 public offices up for filing within cities, school, fire, and other special districts. The Grays Harbor Elections Office will be opening early on Monday, May 11, 2015. Filings will be accepted at the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office in Montesano from 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 11, 2015 and during normal […]

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  • Former councilman wins posthumously, Transit tax finishes with over 70% support

    MONTESANO, Wash. – With results certified at the county auditor’s office, Voter turnout for Grays Harbor finished at 48.35% for the November General Election.
    In Aberdeen, Incumbent city councilman John Smith trails to Tawni Andrews by 9 votes, while incumbent Alice Phelps leads over Roberta Myers by 42. The memory of John Erak holds 26 more votes than appointed incumbent Alan Richrod. Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson explained to council this week “The fifth ward will have a vacancy, we will take letters from candidates, and on the December 11th council meeting we will have interviews and vote that night.
    On the Hoquiam side, Richard Pennant leads by 8 votes over incumbent council John Weidl and Denise Anderson leads by 44 votes over incumbent Brenda Carlstrom.
    Incumbent Port Commissioner Chuck Caldwell finished with over %70 of the vote, as did a vote to support the Grays Harbor Transit Authority with a sales tax increase.
    Election results are available online at http://vote.wa.gov/results/current/graysharbor/
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  • Washington Voters’ Pamphlets mailed out this week

    Ready to vote in this fall’s General Election? Make sure to first read the always-helpful Voters’ Pamphlet that is arriving in your mailbox this week.

    If you don’t receive your Voters’ Pamphlet by Oct. 22, please call the Voter Hotline at (800) 448-4881 for assistance.

    Brian Zylstra, Deputy Communications Director with the Office of Secretary of State tells us “the Voters’ Pamphlet, provided by our Elections Division, is packed with useful information about state candidates and measures found on this fall’s ballot. It includes info on the two statewide initiatives on the ballot: Initiative 517, the “Initiative on Initiatives” that grants more time and protection for signature-gatherers, and I-522, which addresses labeling for genetically engineered foods. In addition, the Voters’ Pamphlet provides info on the five nonbinding Advisory Votes on revenue-related bills passed by the state Legislature this year.

    Unlike the 2012 General Election, this year’s fall election doesn’t have high-profile races like President or Governor. Instead, this election is dominated by local races for city council, mayor, county commission, school board, port district, fire district and other positions. Some counties include their local candidates and measures in the state pamphlet, and a handful of counties publish their own Voters’ Pamphlet.

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  • County Auditor Vern Spatz diagnosed with cancer

    MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor County’s Auditor Vern Spatz will be taking some time off in the coming months, as he begins his fight with cancer. “So he’s going to go into a treatment program, 7 weeks of Chemo, 7 weeks of radiation,” County Commissioner Frank Gordon gave an update at their regular meeting on Monday.

    Gordon said they’d been in a run of bad luck with some of their employees recently, Commissioner Herb Welch was again absent from the meeting yesterday, he’s home now, recovering from heart problems found last month.
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