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Vickie Raines – Cosmopolis Mayor

Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines phoned in on Friday…. hey it was Friday.

Two vehicle wreck sends one into corner of Aberdeen business

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A truck crashed into the corner of Oceana Day Spa on Wishkah street in Aberdeen Friday. Police tell us a 74 year old Cosmopolis woman was charged with Failing to Yield the Right of Way after she crossed at Jefferson and struck the 1991 Chevrolet S-10, driven by a 65 year old Montesano man. Both vehicles ended up on the sidewalk near the business, the woman was transported to Community Hospital for neck and back pains.

Police Captain John Green said at about 1:37 P.M. Friday Aberdeen Police Officers responded to the intersection of Wishkah and Jefferson street on the report of an injury accident at that location.

Responding officers found a white 1991 Chevrolet S-10 PU that had hit the front of the business in the Southwest corner of the intersection. A red 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan was on the East side of the same business. The driver of the van was complaining about back and neck pain. AFD arrived and treated the female driver and transported her to GH Community Hospital.

Montesano, other cities, looking to recoup lost levy dollars

MONTESANO, Wash. – The Montesano city council tonight will discuss a new levy, this one already has your approval. Signed into law this summer, Substitute Senate Bill 5705 allows a taxing district the authority to recover portions of their levy that were reduced over the previous 12 months.
Monty Cobb, Policy Director with the Washington Association of County Officials explained earlier this year “What it boiled down to be is if Monty pays his taxes, and on April second I win my appeal and my taxes get reduced. The treasurer will refund a portion of my taxes, and what a local taxing district would have got from me they can add back on to their levy and be made whole the next year.” Cobb said that due to the wording of the law, if you hadn’t paid those taxes before they were modified, the taxing districts would lose out on the difference.
In Cosmopolis, Finance Director Kathy Welch said three separate levies are worth about $40-thousand more, thanks to a change in the value of Cosmo Specialty Fibers “It used to be that you were just ‘out’ and you couldn’t go back for those taxes.
Welch said countywide there is about $500-thousand that could be recovered, however the decision will be up to each taxing authority.

Vickie Raines announces candidacy for Grays Harbor County Commissioner

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines last night formally announced her candidacy for the District 3 seat on the Grays Harbor County Commission. Raines told a group of friends and family at the Luna Rana cafe in Cosi “This is a special time for me personally, as I announce a new opportunity to be your public servant, beyond being the Mayor of Cosmopolis.” Raines said she plans to run as a non-partisan “My desire is to serve all of the people of Grays Harbor, every single one, regardless of the district in which they live, or the political party to which they belong.”
Current District 3 Commissioner Herb Welch said he has not decided yet if he plans to run for re-election when his term expires in 2014.

Levy modifications bring more tax revenues for Cosmopolis

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – The city of Cosmopolis is getting about $40-thousand more in levy funds, thanks to legislation adopted last year. In the case of Cosmopolis three separate levies are being modified (re-levied), a bond for the fire station will add 9,882.69, an EMS levy will add 106.75, and a general fund levy 34,753.49.
Finance Director Kathy Welch told the city council at last night’s meeting that the county appraisal modified the mills’ value from September 2012 to last month “So we were not able to assess that amount of money, and collect those property taxes on it. It used to be that you were just out, and you couldn’t go back for those taxes that were either refunded or rebated back.” Welch said the money will be collected as an additional levy beginning next year.

Okeedokees Cafe in Cosmopolis to be demolished

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – If you can call them landmarks, Cosmopolis is losing two at the entrance to their city in the coming months. Public Works Director Darrin Raines told the council the OkeeDokee’s Cafe, and a tarp-covered home across the street are being demolished. “Those two big eyesores should be taken care of here within about a month, month and a half.”
The Okeedokees Cafe has been empty for years, the other home belonged to a Cosi firefighter but has since sat vacant and awaiting asbestos removal to be demolished.
OkeeDokees Cafe in Cosmopolis

Photo provided by erika eve

Grays Harbor pet lovers’ hope pays off in spades for Hope

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – Giving hope to a dog named Hope, and thanks to a growing facebook community on the harbor, Hope is home from surgery.
She was found severely injured last month in Hoquiam, Deb Thomas Blake of Harbor Rescue tells us “she’s injured, NorthBeach PAWS paid for the x-rays, but couldn’t take on the surgery bills so she ended up coming to Harbor Rescue.” Blake said she was either hit by a car, or kicked, “her lungs are bruised on the same side as the broken pelvis, and she’s so short – she’s only 11 pounds.
She’s back from surgery, and recovering well. Blake said the terrier is looking much happier in her forever home, and her Tumwater Veterinarian bill is down to $475 from over $1800 – thanks in part to the “Grays Harbor Scanner” facebook community, and followers of Harbor Rescue who have donated.
They’re still accepting donations for Hope at (360) 754-6008. You can find Harbor Rescue in Cosmopolis, or at