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Shop With a Cop is this Saturday in Aberdeen, sirens included

ABERDEEN, Wash. - Shop With a Cop is this Saturday, police officers from all over the county are taking kids out shopping for presents. Local founder Betty Crass says their 15th annual event will start around 7 tomorrow morning "and

Grays Harbor gets ready to levy the relevy, these levies come pre-approved

MONTESANO, Wash. - The Grays Harbor County Commissioners yesterday adopted a few new levies for next year, and these already have your approval, again. In fact if you've paid on a levy in the past 12 months, and someone in

Montesano, other cities, looking to recoup lost levy dollars

MONTESANO, Wash. - The Montesano city council tonight will discuss a new levy, this one already has your approval. Signed into law this summer, Substitute Senate Bill 5705 allows a taxing district the authority to recover portions of their levy

Cosmo Specialty Fibers Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary

COSMOPOLIS, Wash.Nov. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cosmo Specialty Fibers marked the third anniversary of a reborn pulp mill in Cosmopolis, Washington. Dormant for about half a decade, the mill was purchased by the Gores Group LLC and restored

Cosmo Specialty Fibers Awarded PEFC Chain-of-Custody Certification

COSMOPOLIS, Wash - Chain-of-custody certification has been awarded to Cosmo Specialty Fibers from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). “PEFC certification allows us to ensure to our customers that the wood fiber we use comes from sources

Stark Resilient World HQ Located in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. - Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist, inventor, philanthropist, noted ladies man and superhero, has chosen to locate his sustainable energy initiative Stark Resilient world headquarters in Aberdeen, Washington. Local blogger Justin Barlow first noted the change in Invincible Iron Man Issue

Cosmo Specialty Fibers Announces New CFO

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. - Cosmo Specialty Fibers has a new CFO. Company CEO, Mike Entz made the announcement today that Jean Wyse will be joining Cosmo from her most recent position at US Corrugated Inc., in New Jersey.

We are fortunate

New Director at Cosmo Specialty Fiber

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. - A new director of fiber resources has been hired by Cosmo Specialty Fibers.  Larry Davis will join Cosmo immediately from Rayonier in Fernandina Beach, Florida where he was most recently director of business development.

We are fortunate

Accident at Cosmo Sends One to Harborview

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. - Cosmo Specialty Fibers is running at %100 this morning after an injury earlier this week sent one employee to Harborview. Bob Buchan with Cosmo tells us a team member was transferred Tuesday night after a non-life threatening