• Copalis Crossing Fire District appoints new Commissioner, signs ambulance agreement with Hoquiam

    COPALIS CROSSING, Wash. – The fire district that covers Copalis Crossing in North Grays Harbor has signed a new contract with the city of Hoquiam for ambulance service, finalizing a deal to pay back-bills and maintain ALS service in the area.
    Fire Commissioner Caroline Perry tells us the district appointed Rick Richers to the vacant commissioner’s seat this week, and with two passing levies; things are looking up for the volunteer fire department. Not a moment too soon either, they’ve suffered three break-ins and vandalism at one of their stations, and are still looking for volunteers, apply at their station 1617 Ocean Beach Rd, in Copalis Crossing.

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  • Break in and vandalism prompt closure of fire hall in remote Grays Harbor county

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – For the third time in about a year, a remote volunteer fire district has been broken into. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department investigated the break in at Fire Station 82 off of Powell Road (Hoquiam) Monday afternoon.
    Investigators say the thieves apparently used a vehicle to smash open a garage door and steal numerous lifesaving items including firefighter gear and breathing apparatus. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate tells us that due to the amount of damage to their building, and the extent of the loss, Fire District 16 closed the station Monday and Tuesday. Fire Commissioner Caroline Perry tells us they have since made repairs to the door and lighting and have reopened the station.

    The items that had been reported stolen include: tools, flashlights, bolt cutters, fire fighter gear to include helmets, boots, pants, gloves, and several sets of breathing apparatus’. 

    Shumate said it should be noted that this district was broken into just over a year ago. The suspects in that case were eventually caught with the help of citizens. Anyone with information on this last burglary is asked to call the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department at 360-249-3711 or the dispatch center at 360-532-8765.

    Fire District 16 in Copalis Crossing is accepting letters of interest for a vacant Fire Commissioners position. They will be reviewing them on the second Wednesday in November. The district covers Copalis Crossing and assists in the North beach area.

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  • Hoquiam cuts off non-trauma ambulance service to three rural areas

    COPALIS CROSSING, Wash. – If you call for an ambulance in Northwest Grays Harbor county, you might not be injured enough for a ride into town anymore.
    The fire districts that cover Copalis Crossing, Humptulips, and Pacific Beach received letters from the city of Hoquiam last month telling then that Hoquiam will only send out an ambulance for trauma-related injuries effective July first.
    Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney said this morning “We’ve been working with them, and it just got to a point where we have to get paid. If we get a call where we have to run to Pacific Beach, Copalis Crossing, or Taholah with an ambulance to help we have to bring in a couple of guys on overtime to protect Hoquiam.”
    City Finance Director Mike Folkers told the Hoquiam city council at last night’s meeting that each of the three districts owed over 16-thousand, and have been unable to catch up on payments for over 3 years. 
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  • Grays Harbor PUD Responds to 8,800 Without Power

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – Grays Harbor PUD is responding to a power outage impacting the North Beach area of Grays Harbor County including the Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City, Copalis Beach, Pacific Beach, Copalis Crossing, Moclips, Taholah, and Bernard Creek areas. The outage occurred at about 7:15pm.

    A PUD service truck is patrolling the transmission line serving the area. No word yet on the cause of the outage or an expected restoration time.


    During outages, Grays Harbor PUD is urging residents to use caution when operating portable generators and reminds customers that portable generators should NOT be plugged into a home electrical system (wall socket). This can "backfeed" electricity into our distribution lines and possibly injure one of our lineworkers or other field personnel. Connecting larger, or whole house, generators into a home electric system requires installation by a certified electrician who can install proper disconnect switches that isolate your home from our system when you want to operate your generator.

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  • Rural fire districts work out payment plan, sign new agreement with City of Hoquiam

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – Three fire districts that cover remote areas of Grays Harbor county have come to separate agreements with the City of Hoquiam to pay back debt and maintain ALS service.
    The fire districts in Copalis Crossing, Humptulips, and Pacific Beach received letters this summer telling then that Hoquiam will only send out an ambulance for trauma-related injuries until their accounts were brought current.
    City Administrator Brian Shay said this morning “Those issues have been resolved, and we adopted new contracts with district 8 and 16 last night. So we’re back to the original status quo of the city of Hoquiam providing the same fire and ambulance service that we have for many years with those districts.”
    Commissioners from district 8, 16, and 17 have been working with Hoquiam officials to iron out a payment plan for thousands of dollars in back bills. The city council last night approved agreements with two of the three districts, Shay said district 17 is the only one that has not signed an agreement, and they’re expecting one soon.
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  • Grays Harbor voters supporting local levies, Transit, in November General election

    MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor voters have shown strong support for a sales tax increase for Grays Harbor Transit to upright an $800-thousand budget deficit, and for incumbent Port Commissioner Chuck Caldwell. The Grays Harbor County Auditor’s office reports just over 38% voter turnout. With more ballots to be counted results will be certified on November 26th.

    In Aberdeen, incumbent councils Denny Lawrence and Kathy Hoder both have strong leads, Alice Phelps leads with closer to 56%, South side incumbent John Smith is trailing by 11 votes to challenger Tawni Andrews.
    Recently appointed Alan Richrod is loosing to the familiar name of the late John Erak, Richrod was appointed in June, after Erak passed away. If Erak wins the election posthumously , the council will have to appoint someone.

    Toppling incumbents In Hoquiam, challenger Richard Pennant leads by 9 votes over councilman John Weidl, Denise Anderson leads over incumbent Brenda Carlstrom, but Councilman Greg Grun holds a strong lead to keep his seat.

    In Westport, challenger Rob Bearden is toppling councilwoman Desiree Dodson.

    In Ocean Shores, Jackie Farra retains her seat, while Gordon Broadbent leads for the position 7 seat vacated by Ed Engel.

    As we reported in August, the vote to support a .01% sales tax increase for the Grays Harbor Transit Authority will NOT restore weekend service to the area immediately. 

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  • Copalis Crossing Fire District 16 irons out payment plan for service-stopping city debt

    COPALIS CROSSING, Wash. – The fire district that covers Copalis Crossing has reached a deal with the City of Hoquiam to pay off back bills and restore ambulance service to the North Grays Harbor area.

    Commissioners from district 16 met with Hoquiam officials and representatives from Senator Jim Hargrove’s office this week to iron out a payment plan for about $12-thousand owed. City Administrator Brian Shay tells us the arrangement should have them caught up within a year and a half. Shay commended the current leadership team of 16, and said that city staff are working on a new formal agreement to provide EMS service to the area.

    Fire District 16 has two levies on the November ballot, one for EMS, and one for Fire.

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  • Skateboard Towing Incident Sends One to Hospital

    OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – The Ocean Shores Police Department is investigating a traffic accident that resulted in a 23 year old Ocean Shores man being admitted to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

    At approximately 4:30 PM on Wednesday May 30th the 23 year old man was driven to the Ocean Shores Fire Department with severe head injuries. Investigation has found that the man was riding a skateboard and being towed by a car driven by a 20-year old Copalis Crossing man on the 300 block of Ensign Avenue. The man fell off of the skateboard resulting in serious head trauma. He was not wearing a helmet. After being transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital he was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. The investigation is still continuing.

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  • Grays Harbor PUD Crews Continue to Restore Power

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – 

    Grays Harbor PUD crews are continuing to work to restore power to areas of west Grays Harbor County hit by high winds yesterday evening. Crews responding to outages are finding broken poles, power lines down in areas, and trees through power lines. Following is the latest on the storm recovery effort:
    Northwest part of the District north of Hoquiam: Grays Harbor PUD has restored power to approximately 879 customers in the Copalis Crossing area. The PUD will be working to restore power to the Moclips area with the next hour. The PUD will then continue to work to restore power to the remaining customers in the northern part of the District. A total of approximately 3565 customers were impacted by the power outage caused by high winds yesterday evening.
    Ocean Shores: Crews are still working to restore power to approximately 3899 customers in Ocean Shores. The estimated time for restoration of power is about noon today. 
    North Aberdeen, Wishkah, Arnold Hill, East Aberdeen areas: Outage is impacting approximately 1886 customers. The outage occurred just before 9pm. There are a large number of power lines down in the area. The PUD will be patrolling a transmission line serving the area that runs cross-country this morning after daylight to inspect the line for damage. No estimated time yet for restoration of power.
    Grays Harbor City west of Hoquiam: Approximately 200 customers impacted. Outage occurred at about 9pm. Cause of the outage is a downed power line. Estimated time for restoration is noon today.
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