• Commissioner asks would the non-voters please shut up

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The latest ballot count at the county auditor’s office shows few changes to election results expected to be certified on the 26th. Voter turnout for Grays Harbor is at 48.2% for the November General Election. Now that your ballots are in, Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon has a sentiment he’d like to share “All of you out here that are bitching, unless you got a stamp on your hand or something that shows that you voted please shut up.
    Gordon said on Coffeetalk yesterday “You people that sit and complain but don’t get involved, you can mail it. If you have a problem on the next [election] call and I’ll come and pick it up and mail the sucker for you. But you know our country will go down the tube if we don’t have people involved.
    The commissioner is expecting to take more heat in the coming months as the county faces a tough budget with support for an unpopular levy shift that could again move as much as a million from the county’s road fund into their general fund. “We’re going to try to take as little as possible, I know the mayors and stuff hate it. I hate shifting money from one fund to the other because then it cuts some of the work that the road fund can do, but we have to keep our offices open.”
    Commissioner Herb Welch has voted for the shift in the past, and each time said he would rather avoid it, Commissioner Wes Cormier is against the idea.
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  • County Commissioners Sign Inter-Local Co-Op

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Commissioners yesterday signed the Chehalis Watershed Cooperative inter-local agreement at a special public meeting. County Commissioner Terry Willis tells us the other members are the confederated tribes of the Chehalis and Thurston county. Commissioner Herb Welch was the only no vote yesterday morning.

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  • Commissioners Want More Information on Flood Control District

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have voted against adopting a resolution to form a Flood Control Zone District that would encompass the Chehalis River Basin Watershed. County Commissioner Herb Welch tells KBKW one of the biggest concerns was the formation of a potential taxing district “this resolution didn’t create taxes, it simply created a district that then down the line could create taxes.”
    After nearly an hour of public comment at yesterday’s meeting, the Commissioners voted against the adoption, Welch said they plan to come back with more information on the Flood Control Zone District before proposing a formation again.

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