Local food banks thank legislators for supporting emergency food providers

Volunteers and staff of food banks in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties will gather at Coastal Harvest in Hoquiam on Friday, June 20, at an event that is co-hosted by Northwest Harvest, Food

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Pasha Automotive Services is January Business of the Month

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. has announced that Pasha Automotive Services is their Business of the Month for January.

The shipping business has been in Grays Harbor for five years, and a member

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Hoquiam Grizzlies do it again! Foodball 2013 brings in over 1 million pounds

Hoquiam Grizzlies are the 2013 Foodball champions, this will make the Grizzlies 4th straight year holding the Foodball champion title. This year the schools broke a record with a combined total of 1,029,970.80 lbs, to be donated. Hoquiam students were able to bring in 622,912.90 lbs total, with 614,661.79, lbs in cash, breaking their record from 2012. Aberdeen also broke their record from last year, collecting 407,057.90 lbs of food, with 399,621.90 lbs cash donations.

Last year, the schools combined for a total of just under 1 million pounds of food. The largest donation, prior to this year, was in 2007 with 1,062,990 lbs.

While Foodball may be a friendly competition between schools, the real winners are those in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. All of the food and cash will be donated to the Coastal Harvest Food Distribution Warehouse for local families. Coastal Harvest also delivers food to over 50 food banks, senior centers, tribal centers, and feeding programs across Washington.

Congratulations to both schools!

Greater Grays Harbor Inc. hosts 122nd annual Leaders Banquet and Business Recognition Awards

ABERDEEN, Wash. - Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. will hold its 122nd annual Leaders Banquet and Business Recognition Awards at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11 at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. This dinner and awards presentation recognizes success and excellence in the Harbor’s business community, and this year’s theme is “Grays Harbor Business: Hidden Treasure. ”

This year they are honoring Rich Hartman's Five Star Dealerships as the winner in the Large Business category; the finalist is Levee Lumber. In the Small Business category, Sandy Dunsire, Dunsire Printers is the winner; the finalist is Techline. Wishkah River Distillery is their winner in the New Business category, and Flowers by Pollen is the finalist. And for their Non-Profit category, the winner is Grays Harbor College, Ranked 15th highest-rated community college in the country, and the finalist is Coastal Harvest.

The Leaders Banquet will begin with the Pre-Party at 6 p.m. and dinner and the program will start at 7 p.m on Friday, Oct. 141 at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. Tickets are $45 per person.

For more information, or to reserve a seat or table, call 532-1924 or email.

Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Thrift Edition

How does it happen that we become so much more ‘ourselves’ as we mature?  Every day I seem to feel the tug of my Scottish ancestry grow stronger.  The Scots are rightfully well known for being thrifty, and I seem to find new ways each day to squeeze the utmost out of a dollar!  It seems that our entire country is rediscovering the concept of frugality.

I grew up with parents who carefully considered how their hard earned money would be spent.  Impulse buying was a totally unknown concept.   I remember vividly the day my father bought a new adding machine without doing comparison shopping.  My mother was so appalled that she was momentarily speechless.  Didn’t matter that his old adding machine had quit working right in the middle of getting his taxes ready to file.  He had actually marched into Bensons and just bought it on the spot.  I don’t think she ever quite recovered from the shock. 

Mama believed in buying quality, even if it meant scrimping and saving.  Some things were completely non-negotiable.  Twice a year visits to the dentist and sturdy shoes were top priorities.  Sturdy shoes meant only one thing- saddle shoes.  To this day, I shudder when I see saddle shoes.  But I’m sure that my feet are the better for having had sensible shoes in their early days.  And I know, without a doubt, that my teeth are healthy today only because of the care they had in childhood.

Grays Harbor Food Drive Joins Regional Effort at Guinness World Record

Coastal Harvest, in cooperation with Grays Harbor United Way, is joining a regional effort to smash the Guinness World Record for a 24-hour food drive. Donated food products are currently being collected at various locations throughout the Twin Harbors. The collections will culminate with a weigh-in at Tacoma's historic Stadium Bowl on Friday & Saturday, Sept. 17-18. Following the weigh-in event, all food products collected in this effort will be returned to the Twin Harbors to benefit local food banks.
Coastal Harvest is participating in this effort as a member of the Independant Food Distribution Network. We partner with Northwest Harvest of King County and Emergency Food Network of Pierce County to form the IFDN. Through this cooperative association we are able to provide more and better quality food to the communities we serve.

Ocosta School Kids to Tour Lady Washington

WESTPORT, Wash. - Two groups of students from Ocosta Elementary School in Westport will participate in dockside education programs aboard Lady Washington next week. The tours are scheduled for Tuesday morning, the day after Lady Washington is scheduled to arrive at Westport Marina. 

From Dec. 21 through March 1, 2010, Lady Washington will be closed to the public for a scheduled replacement of her auxiliary engine. However, the ship is scheduling dockside educational programs for Grays Harbor K-12 students and home school groups. To book a program, contact Reasa Shuck, 360-589-2299, rshuck@historicalseaport.org.