Washington State Senate announces bipartisan Capital Budget proposal

The Washington State Senate on Wednesday announced a 2015-17 bipartisan Capital Budget proposal.

“It’s really been an interesting experience to be able to shape the spending that the state does to really invest in our future. And, what we did this year with the Capital Budget was shape that future to be a little more oriented towards education. Public education, especially the smaller class sizes of kindergarten through third grade, as well as higher education, as well as our skills centers. So, those are elements of the Capital Budget that really received a lot more attention this year in this year’s Senate budget.”

As the lead Democratic Capital Budget negotiator, Sen. Karen Keiser of Kent, has spent the past few months of the legislative session working with Senate Republicans on the $3.9 billion proposal announced Wednesday. While there is much to praise in the proposed Capital Budget they are far from a finished product. Keiser added that they are still working to improve funding levels for energy and the environment.

Nicole Vukonich reporting in Olympia.