Winners, Chowder, and “Clambo” highlight 8th annual Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival and Seafood Extravaganza

The winning guess was 1700 razor clam shells, 1701 was the actual count as Chris from Yelm Washington won himself “Clambo” the 5 foot wooden Razor Guardian seen at the 8th Annual

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Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Whole Wheat Edition

      Nancy’s Bakery is now making Wheat Bread on Wednesdays!!!

This is big news folks.  Nancy has had the same bread baking schedule for many a year, but now we do not have to wait for Friday to roll around before slicing into a fine loaf of her bread.  Made your day didn’t I?
More great news;
                 Fresh in the Garden enclosure this week:
Squash        Sage     Tarragon    Mint    Lavender   Blueberries  Lavatera
Pansies      Garlic    Snapdragon      Petunia    Lettuce     Brussels  Sprouts
Swiss Chard    Onions    Dill    Pumpkin    Broccoli   Parsley    Cilantro
Snow Peas     Raspberries


This week is time for another set of Razor Clam digs!  Oh joy!  Finally the north beaches are included for 3 days, and perhaps it will be a bit warmer than 2 weeks ago.  I can only hope.  No matter, even if we end up soaking wet and cold, the limits of clams are worth every shivering moment of effort!  We Harborites are pretty passionate about our razor clams!  Everyone has a particular method of cleaning, or a recipe that came from Grandma, not to mention the clothes that are worn only for clam digging.  Geez, I’d be embarrassed to wear my clam digging clothes working in the garden, but when it comes time to dig clams I stride to the beach, shoulders back, head held high, wearing the worst looking combination of rags you’ve ever seen!  Two weeks ago we spotted a fellow wearing a utilikilt and sandals!  Keep in mind that it was pouring rain and the wind was blowing the rain sideways.  Wearing any kilt in a high wind seems incredibly foolhardy to me.  The idea of this fellow out on the beach, bent over beating for clams in his outfit was more than I could bear to contemplate.  We decided that some things are best left to the imagination and went our merry way further down the beach.  But I still wonder..............