No charges for family of Hoquiam boy who fired handgun in city limits

No charges are being filed against the parents of the boy who fired their gun in Hoquiam earlier this month. City Attorney Steve Johnson said in a press release this morning that “after

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Hoquiam staff and firefighters reach tentative agreement to avoid layoffs

The Hoquiam Fire Department has reached an agreement with its union and the city to avoid planned layoffs of two firefighters and two paramedics. In the final week

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Hoquiam council splits again, fails to pass marijuana ordinance

The city of Hoquiam last night failed to pass a proposed zoning ordinance that would have allowed marijuana sales and production in some areas. City Councilman Darrin Moir was among the 6 that voted against it “for the amount of enforcement issues that the police department may or may not have to run into, the money’s just not there. Saying we’re open for business is completely false, there’s no benefit financially to the city.” To which one citizen replied during the public comment period “You may not get any money out of it now, but if you open up a business it may bring in another family, sells another house, money will come in. Everybody thinks marijuana smokers are a bunch of couch potatoes, ya know munchies? There’s money to be made.” City councilman Ben Winkleman pointed out prior to his vote “for” the ordinance; “I don’t know how that’s representing the people that elect you. With 60% of those people that went out and voiced their opinion for and against making it legal for us to just ban it…” The council split the same as the previous vote 6-6, with councils John Pellegrini, Kay Diehm, Greg Grund, Paul McMillan, Darrin Moir and Bill Nelson voting down recreational marijuana businesses in Hoquiam.

City of Hoquiam to lay off 4 firefighters

The City of Hoquiam is laying off four firefighters. City Administrator Brian Shay said they gave formal notice to the department early Tuesday. Staff said in a press release Tuesday “The

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Hoquiam turns on the spray park, Weather Service warns of cold rivers in hot weather

The city of Hoquiam has energized the spray park for the next couple days so kids can enjoy some early summer.  The park will be active from about 12-7 today and tomorrow, and will re-open

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Grays Harbor PUD partners with City of Hoquiam to begin cleanup at Harbor Paper

The Grays Harbor PUD has taken a significant step to fulfill its responsibilities to clean and remove bi-products from the former Harbor Paper mill site.  In the next three weeks, over 28-million

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Repairs completed on Hoquiam Railroad bridge, new dolphin barrier deflects boats – not dolphins

The State Department of Transportation, along with Puget Sound & Pacific railroad, and the City of Hoquiam celebrated the completed Hoquiam Horn Spur Railroad Improvement project at a

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