• Invasive species found in Grays Harbor, Chehalis River Basin

    CENTRAL PARK, Wash. – New Zealand mudsnails were recently discovered in the lower Chehalis River approximately 2.0 miles south of Central Park and approximately 2.5 miles east of Cosmopolis. This is the first discovery of New Zealand mudsnails in the Chehalis River Basin.

    The invasive species was found at the Washington Department of Natural Resources Blue Slough Access area.
    The NZMS were found in mud around a spring at the site. The New Zealand mudsnails were collected during low tide, the site is inundated with water at high tide. The site is tidally influenced and the water is brackish. The extent of introduction is unknown.

    Snail map
    The collectors also sampled at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife boat ramp, just up steam of the Blue Slough site, adjacent to the SR107 bridge (about RM 13.2). No New Zealand mudsnails were found. The Chehalis River is brackish here as well.

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  • Flood Authority funds Montesano project, “more to do” on three others

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority voted yesterday to shift about $4 million from three other projects to fund the Mary’s River Lumber project on the Chehalis River in Montesano.
    It will help protect the sawmill, and the city’s wastewater treatment plan across from State Route 107 from eroding riverbanks.
    Flood Authority Chairwoman Vickie Raines proposes to move the money because pre-construction work has been done and the project is “shovel ready.”
    The move pulls funding from the Satsop, Mill Creek and Wiskhah Road projects for the time being, Raines said this morning that they will move forward on the design and permitting stage for Wishkah and Cosmopolis projects to get them to shovel ready status.
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  • Open House to Discuss Flooding in The Chehalis River Basin

    Montesano, WA –The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and State of Washington invite you to attend your choice of open houses to learn about active programs that address flooding and related concerns throughout the Chehalis River Basin.

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State of Washington, Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, Chehalis Basin Partnership, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Geological Survey and National Weather Service.

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  • Montesano Mayor thanks Flood Authority for support

    MONTESANO, Wash. – Montesano Mayor Ken Estes released a big thank you to members of the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority this week. He added that the city plans to stay involved until every member has a solution to flooding on the Chehalis River.

    The Flood Authority earlier this week voted to shift funding from three other Grays Harbor County projects, in order to fully fund and complete the Mary’s River Lumber project in South Montesano. Estes said in his release that the city also plans to stick around for the duration of the process to create a basin wide approach to reduce flood damage when the Chehalis River swells.

    Other communities in Lewis, Thurston and Grays Harbor put the interests of Montesano at the head of the line now. We won’t forget. Our community is committed to stay involved until we have finished all of the needed local projects and found a basin wide solution to catastrophic flooding. – Estes

    The following editorial was submitted by Montesano Mayor Ken Estes.

    In Montesano we’re used to trying to solve our own problems. But year by year as the Chehalis River has eroded land and moved closer and closer to our wastewater treatment plant and Mary’s River lumber company we realized this problem was bigger than we could handle alone. Locally we worked hard to come up with a workable solution to stop the erosion and protect the infrastructure that supports our community. However, the project is cost is beyond the capacity of the city to fund. The Chehalis Basin Flood Authority supported our request for state funding. Our local legislators and both Governor Gregoire and now Governor Inslee, as well as the Chehalis Tribe, worked hard to see that the entire Chehalis basin funding package was adopted including the Montesano project.

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  • Commissioners Want More Information on Flood Control District

    MONTESANO, Wash. – The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have voted against adopting a resolution to form a Flood Control Zone District that would encompass the Chehalis River Basin Watershed. County Commissioner Herb Welch tells KBKW one of the biggest concerns was the formation of a potential taxing district “this resolution didn’t create taxes, it simply created a district that then down the line could create taxes.”
    After nearly an hour of public comment at yesterday’s meeting, the Commissioners voted against the adoption, Welch said they plan to come back with more information on the Flood Control Zone District before proposing a formation again.

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  • Chehalis River Basin fishing closure

    Action:   A portion of the Chehalis River and its tributaries will be closed to ALL FISHING for the remainder of the winter season.                      

    Effective dates:   March 16, 2009 – April 30, 2009.

    Species affected:   Closed to fishing for ALL SPECIES upstream from Porter Bridge.  Closed to fishing for ALL SPECIES – except white sturgeon – from the mouth of the river to Porter Bridge.

    Location: Chehalis River (from mouth to high bridge on Weyerhaeuser 1000 line approximately 400 yards downstream of Roger Creek upstream including all forks and tributaries and the Chehalis River, South Fork from the mouth to Hwy bridge at Boistfort School) and its tributaries; Cloquallum Creek (from the mouth to Hwy. 8 Bridge to the 2nd bridge on Cloquallum Rd), Newaukum River (South, Middle and North Forks), Satsop River and East Fork (from the mouth to bridge at Schafer State Park), Skookumchuck River (from the mouth to 400′ below outlet of PP&L/WDFW steelhead rearing pond located at the base of Skookumchuck Dam), Wishkah River (from the mouth to 200′ below the weir at the Wishkah Rearing Ponds), and Wynoochee River (from the mouth to above mouth of Schafer Creek upstream).

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