• Long string of “accidents” turns out to be insurance fraud

    OLYMPIA, Wash. – A Kelso woman has pleaded guilty to attempted insurance fraud after collecting more than $200,000 for dozens of bogus medical claims, including falsely claiming that her husband’s foot had been amputated.

    Kelly Klein, 47, had accident insurance through an employer. In less than three years, she filed 96 claims stemming from eight alleged accidents involving her family members.

    “Insurance fraud drives up the cost of premiums for all of us,” said Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, whose Special Investigations Unit helped investigate the case. Washingtonians pay an estimated $200 to $300 a year in increased home- and auto insurance due to fraud, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

    In insurance claims filed from April 2004 through January 2007, Klein said that:

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