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"The Voice" Recap: Blake Loses Two Artists

By ABC News Radio

NBCOnly five artists remain on The Voice following Tuesday night’s results show — and, shockingly, Sisaundra Lewis is not among them.

Sisaundra, a former vocal director for Celine Dion who competed for Blake Shelton‘s team, was eliminated. She was arguably the strongest performer this season.

Sisaundra’s teammate, Audra McLaughlin, and Adam Levine protégé Delvin Choice were also dismissed.

Strangely, Team Adam’s Kat Perkins — who had fallen into the bottom three last week — again survived thanks to the “instant save” votes cast by the viewers during the final minutes of the results show.

Blake clearly wasn’t pleased with how it all played out. He tweeted, “Son of a b****….Damn it!!”

Before host Carson Daly made the announcement, each of these contestants performed for the fans at home. Sisaundra sang the Aretha Franklin classic “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”; Audra covered The Band Perry‘s “DONE.”; Kat belted out Heart‘s “Barracuda”; and Delvin took on Bruno Mars‘ “Young Girl.”

The show featured two group performances. Audra, Kat, Team Blake’s Jake Worthington and Team Shakira‘s Kristen Merlin collaborated on The Band Perry song “Chainsaw.”

Sisaundra, Delvin, Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie and Team Usher‘s Josh Kaufman sang “Latch,” by Disclosure and Sam …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: The Live Rounds Continue

By ABC News Radio

Trae Patton/NBCThe Voice continued the live rounds on Monday night, with the 10 remaining artists taking the stage for solo performances. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher were there to offer their two cents.

Here’s what happened during the two-hour show:

Adam brought in rock legend Graham Nash to mentor Team Adam’s Kat Perkins as she worked up Fleetwood Mac‘s “Landslide.” Graham warned her to be careful of the low notes. Blake enjoyed seeing Kat’s softer side, and Adam called her a “blissfully perfect, amazing singer.”

Team Shakira’s Tess Boyer almost went home last week, so the stakes were high as she sang “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore. Blake called the performance “pitch perfect,” and Usher felt she was comfortable moving onstage. Shakira said Tess nailed it.

Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake took on Reba McEntire‘s vocally-challenging country hit, “You Lie,” but she flubbed the lyrics. Usher said this performance took Audra to another plateau. Shakira predicted Audra would make the top five this week.

Team Usher’s Josh Kaufman showed off his vocal range singing Kenny Loggins‘ “This Is It.” Shakira said soulful songs were Josh’s “sweet spot.” Blake said Josh’s performance sounded just like a …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: Team Blake Kicks Off Playoffs

By ABC News Radio

NBCAfter weeks of battles, The Voice launched its playoff round on Tuesday night. All five of Blake Shelton‘s artists took the stage to perform a song of his or her choosing. At the end of the one-hour episode, Blake picked three of them to advance in the competition: Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington.

Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher were on hand to critique each performance.

Here’s a rundown of what happened:

Audra McLaughlin selected Martina McBride‘s “A Broken Wing.” Shakira said it was a beautiful performance, one that was believable. Adam urged Audra to unleash the performer “beast” inside of her. Blake admitted he had no idea how he was going to decide which three of his artists should advance, because they’re all talented.

Ryan Whyte Maloney sang “Second Chance,” by Shinedown. Usher praised the way Ryan held the long notes, comparing his ability to that of Adam. Adam, who was flattered by Usher’s comment, said Ryan’s professional moments have overshadowed his rough edges. Blake said Ryan showed improved control.

Madilyn Paige went with Zedd‘s “Clarity.” Usher, her former coach, said she’s becoming more well-rounded as an artist. Shakira said …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: Latest Round of Battles Ends with a Blake Steal

By ABC News Radio

NBCThe Voice aired the last of the duets in “The Battles: Round Two” on Monday night. The remaining artists from Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher‘s teams were paired, as the coaches continued to whittle down the field ahead of the playoffs.

By the end of the night, each coach had five artists on his or her team.

Before each battle, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was seen in rehearsals giving advice to the artists.

Here’s what happened during the two-hour episode:

Team Shakira’s Clarissa Serna and Dani Moz faced off. They chose the Pink hit “F***in’ Perfect” from a list of three songs. Adam saw major improvements from both artists. Usher, still wearing his raccoon hat, thought Dani was the winner because she was “unwavering,” a skill that can’t be taught. Shakira complimented Dani on her “insane” ability to reach high notes, and picked her. Clarissa was not stolen by the other coaches.

The next battle featured two of Adam’s acts: Kat Perkins and the duo Dawn & Hawkes. They joined forces on a folksy version of KT Tunstall‘s “Suddenly I See.” Blake felt Kat made the song her own and made it seem as if Dawn …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: Adam Pulls Off Steal in "The Battles: Round Two"

By ABC News Radio

NBCIt was night two of “The Battles: Round Two” Tuesday night on The Voice. Artists from Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher‘s teams were represented in four battles. Adam Levine‘s team did not participate in the one-hour episode.

Once again, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin served as a guest adviser during rehearsals.

Here’s what happened:

Team Blake’s Biff Gore and Sisaundra Lewis kicked things off with a rendition of James Brown‘s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Usher favored Biff, but only because he was Biff’s mentor before Blake stole him during the previous round. Adam joked he was 80-percent sure that Sisaundra is “not from Earth,” given her talent. Blake named Sisaundra the winner, saying he can’t miss out on the opportunity to work with such a brilliant vocalist. None of the other coaches stole Biff.

Shakira paired Ddendyl with Deja Hall. They joined forces on A Great Big World‘s “Say Something,” a version of which features usual Voice coach Christina Aguilera. Adam said Deja has a “richness” to her voice. Blake added there was an innocence to her performance. Shakira said that while Ddendyl is artistic, she felt the artist who has made the most …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: “The Battles: Round Two” Begin

By ABC News Radio

NBCThe Voice entered the next phase of the competition Monday night with “The Battles: Round Two.” Much like the previous round, two teammates at a time performed a duet, with their spot on the show at stake. However, each artist was not informed of his or her opponent until it was time to rehearse.

For each battle, the two teammates chose a song from a list of three tunes provided to them. They then practiced with the help of their coach as well as guest adviser Chris Martin of Coldplay. In case you’re wondering, he taped his appearances before it was announced that he’s separated from wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher each have one steal to use in this round — one fewer than the previous round.

Here’s a rundown of the two-hour episode:

Team Blake’s Audra McLaughlin and Megan Rüger opened the round by selecting Miley Cyrus‘ “The Climb.” Usher, wearing a Daniel Boone-type hat, thought Audra won the battle. Shakira said she connected with Audra more. Blake marveled at the way Audra navigated through her vocals, while also noting that he can relate more to Megan because of …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: Battle Rounds End with an Usher Steal

By ABC News Radio

Trae Patton/NBCThe Voice ended its battle rounds on Tuesday night, with the coaches further paring down their teams. By the end of the one-hour episode, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher each had eight artists in his or her group.

For the final time, we saw footage of the guest advisers, including Aloe Blacc, with Team Adam; The Band Perry, with Team Blake; and Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, with Team Shakira.

Here’s what happened in the episode:

Adam selected Cary Laine and Sam Behymer to square off. They performed “Give Me Love,” by Ed Sheeran. Blake said that determining a winner would come down to a matter of taste. Adam said they both performed equally well. Citing the power and emotion in her voice, Adam chose Sam. Cary was not stolen by another coach.

Team Blake paired Kaleigh Glanton with Noah Lis. The duo sang Michael Bublé‘s “Everything.” Usher thought Noah initially came off as a lounge act, but eventually turned things around. He said if it were up to him, he would declare Noah the winner. However, Blake went with Kaleigh. Noah was sent home.

At this point in the episode, three battles …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: Usher, Shakira and Blake Steal One Artist Each

By ABC News Radio

NBCThe second week of battle rounds began on The Voice Monday night. More teammates were paired up for duets in front of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher. Each duet ended with one winner and one artist hoping that a competing coach would steal him or her.

Once again, the battle round advisers offered tips to the artists during rehearsals. Aloe Blacc assisted Team Adam; The Band Perry helped Team Blake; Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, worked with Team Shakira; and Jill Scott advised Usher’s crew.

Here’s what happened during the two-hour episode:

Team Adam’s Austin Ellis and Josh Kaufman were assigned Pharrell Williams‘ ubiquitous hit, “Happy.” Shakira said it was one of the best battles of the season, in part because both men managed to win the audience over. Adam added that Austin and Josh were equals as singers. He named Josh the winner. Austin was not stolen by another coach, so he was eliminated.

Up next were Audra McLaughlin and the duo Alaska and Madi, from Blake’s team. They tackled “When Will I Be Loved,” originally recorded by The Everly Brothers and later covered by Linda Ronstadt. Shakira thought both artists were a little “over the …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: Adam Pulls Off Another Steal

By ABC News Radio

Trae Patton/NBCThe battle rounds on The Voice resumed on Tuesday night, with each coach — Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher — pairing two of his or her artists for a duet. While only one contestant can be named a winner of a battle, the other singer can remain in the competition if another coach chooses to use his or her “steal.”

During the hour-long episode, viewers also saw each team’s adviser lend a helping hand in rehearsals. To refresh your memory, the advisers are Aloe Blacc, for Team Adam; The Band Perry, for Team Blake; Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, for Team Shakira; and Jill Scott, for Team Usher.

Here’s what happened on Tuesday night’s episode:

Clarissa Serna and Jeremy Briggs of Team Shakira took part in the first battle of the night. Together, they belted out “Cold as Ice,” by Foreigner. Blake praised Jeremy for performing in the same key as Clarissa. Shakira wished Clarissa had been a little less dramatic with her vocals. Still, she felt she could do more with Clarissa going forward, so she chose her as the winner. Jeremy was not saved by the other coaches.

Adam brought …read more

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"The Voice" Recap: The Battle Rounds Begin

By ABC News Radio

NBCFollowing weeks of blind auditions, The Voice launched its battle rounds on Monday night. Each battle saw two teammates performing a duet assigned by their coach, with only one advancing in the competition. However, each coach has two “steals” they can use.

During rehearsals, the artists received help from guest advisers. “Wake Me Up” singer Aloe Blacc was a tutor for Adam Levine‘s team; The Band Perry assisted Blake Shelton‘s protégés; Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, worked with Shakira‘s crew; and R&B diva Jill Scott advised Usher‘s team.

Here’s what happened on Monday night’s two-hour episode:

The first battle featured two artists from Team Usher, Biff Gore and T.J. Wilkins. They sang The Temptations classic “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” Adam and Blake both noticed how much Biff and T.J. enjoyed themselves on stage. Usher said it was a difficult decision to make because both artists were technically sound. He declared T.J. to be the winner. Biff was subsequently saved by Blake.

Next up were two 17-year-olds from Team Blake: Jake Worthington and Lexi Luca, who were instructed to perform “It Goes Like This,” by country musician Thomas Rhett. Usher said he could tell that Lexi was …read more

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