• Washington company that promised Web hits will reboot its sales tactics

    SEATTLE – A Redmond-based seller of e-commerce services agreed to change course after customers complained the company promised Web hits but struck out, the Washington Attorney General’s Office announced today.

    “Visible.net and Captures.com promised small businesses that they’d be ‘blown away’ by achieving top Internet search results,” Attorney General Rob McKenna said. “But merchants who paid thousands of dollars hoping to increase sales found the defendants couldn’t always deliver on their promises. Today’s settlement requires Visible.net and Captures.com to accurately represent their services and will enable us to provide restitution for some customers.”


    The Attorney General’s Office sued Visible.net, which also does business as Captures.com and WebMarketingSource.com, and owner Gilbert Walker in November 2008.

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  • CONSUMER ALERT: Door-to-door magazine seller pretending to be a charity

    SEATTLE – The Washington Attorney General’s Office today issued a warning about a company selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door in Washington and several other states. Fresh Start Opportunities claims that money from the subscriptions will be used to help young people get a “fresh start on life,” but the company isn’t a registered charity.

    The company lists a downtown Seattle address on its Web site at www.freshstartopportunities.com but the address is simply a mailbox and the company’s owner is believed to reside in another state.

    Solicitors represent that the purchase of subscriptions will help young people get off the street and back on their feet so they can earn money to go to school. The Web site describes Fresh Start Opportunities as a “job business training company designed to teach young adults about self discipline, personal growth, self esteem and setting goals for the future.”

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