Grays Harbor College offering ‘EDventure’ voyage on Lady Washington

The EDventure with Grays Harbor College Continuing Education Department and Grays Harbor Historical Seaport begins on September 17th at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, 500 N Custer Street

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Washington State Patrol Receives Credible Tip On Location of Wanted Man

Detectives with the Washington State Patrol have received what they believe is a credible tip as to the location of Victor Barnard, a former minister from Pine County

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Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Concert Edition


This morning I had the delightful task of sharing really good news with my fellow Farmers Market vendors.  Thanks to you, our sales for the month of December were astoundingly high!  Ever since seeing this phenomena appear on my worksheet, my step has been a bit lighter, and I occasionally break into skipping.  Which made me curious about the state of Happiness.  I discovered that there is a Secret Society of Happy People, and yes, they have a website!  Which means that they have no intention at all of remaining secret, thank goodness.  And that makes me very happy.  
Turns out that there is much to be happy about this week if you are fortunate enough to live in Grays Harbor!  I’m still pinching myself about the absolutely fantastic Robert Cray concert last Saturday at the D & R Theater!  Hoquiam doesn’t want to appear to be competetive, but it jumps into the concert venue and historical theater arena in high style with a FREE (try and beat that!) evening of music this Saturday at 7:30pm.