Recent Budget Cuts Affect Sheriff’s Animal Control Services

SHELTON, Wash. – Sheriff Casey Salisbury today (Wednesday, April 22, 2009) announced a cut in services performed by his department's animal control officer.  Effective immediately the Mason County Sheriff's Office will no longer be responding to barking dog calls, dogs chasing cars, dogs and cats astray or nuisances involving domestic pets.

According to Sheriff Salisbury "These cuts in service will not affect our response to vicious animals, biting animals, or animal cruelty cases.  Deputies and /or the Animal Control Officer will also be responding to livestock astray complaints.

The cuts in service were brought about by a very high volume of calls for service for Animal Control and the January 1, 2009 layoff of one of the Sheriff's Animal Control Officers.  According to Sheriff Salisbury, "our Animal Control staff has been reduced by 50% while the calls for service have remained the same. We have to adjust somehow."

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