Aberdeen man breaks windows after Grays Harbor Transit hits and kills his dog

Aberdeen Police investigated after a man apparently shattered two windows of a Grays Harbor Transit bus. Police Captain John Green said the man was upset because the bus had killed his dog.
Green said just before 3 Tuesday afternoon they responded to the area of the 500 Block of W. Huntley street reference a report of a disorderly male at the location.

Responding officers discovered that a 21 year old male had become very upset after a Grays Harbor Transit bus had accidently struck his dog and killed it. The man began striking the windows on the side of the bus with his hands, shattering two of them. It was reported that he yelled at the bus driver in a threatening manner. The female bus driver was visibly upset when the officers arrived.

The Aberdeen man was arrested for Malicious Mischief in the Second degree and booked into the City of Aberdeen jail. He was released on his own recognizance this morning.
The investigation is continuing.

Grays Harbor Transit vandalism Grays Harbor Transit vandalism Grays Harbor Transit vandalism Grays Harbor Transit vandalism

Active Shooter Training at Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen – just a drill

Police will storm Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen this weekend, over and over again. It’s part of Active Shooter Training for local departments. Aberdeen Police Captain John Green tells us his department, in conjunction with the Aberdeen Fire Department and numerous other Law Enforcement and Fire Agencies within Grays Harbor, is conducting a multi-agency Active Shooter Training Drill will be held at Miller Jr. Hi the morning of November 1st.

This training drill is the second in a series of events planned by local law enforcement and fire departments to test and evaluate our joint response to active shooter type incidents. The November 1st drill has been in the planning phase for over two months.

The drill is expected to last a total of five hours and involves the following agencies.

Aberdeen Police Department

Aberdeen Fire Department

Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office

Hoquiam Police Department

Hoquiam Fire Department

Grays Harbor Fire District 2

Grays Harbor Communications (911)

Grays Harbor Community Hospital

Aberdeen School District

Cosmopolis man mugged in Aberdeen, police seek tips

Aberdeen police are looking for tips after a man was attacked by two people near Heron and L Street early Tuesday morning.
Police Captain John Green tells KBKW at about 1:10 this morning, they responded to a call of a Spanish speaking male who was reporting a robbery. The victim, a 24 year old Cosmopolis male, was in the area of Heron and L Street.

Officers saw that the victim had a laceration on his head and he was bleeding. The Aberdeen Fire Department responded and provided aid to the victim. The victim was transported to the GHCH by AFD.
The investigating officer used the language line and found out the victim was reporting that he had been assaulted and robbed of his wallet and cell phone near the motel by the AM PM store.
The victim reported he was walking home behind the Travel Lure hotel when he was confronted by two men and a women. The victim said he was assaulted by the two males who hit him and knocked him to the ground. His wallet and cell phone was taken from him. The victim said the female suspect supplied a knife to one of the male suspects during the attack. From the initial investigation it did not appear the victim was assaulted with the knife.

He described the suspects as:

White female, about five feet tall, about 120 pounds with straight dark hair in a long ponytail, and early 20’s in age.

White male, 5-4 to 5-5, thin build, long black hair.

White male, about 6 feet tall, average build, and mid to late 20’s in age.

The investigation is continuing.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Aberdeen Police Department at 360-533-3180 or the APD tip line at 360-538-4450.

Bigfoot sighted chasing cars in Aberdeen

A reported Sasquatch sighting last night in Aberdeen turned out to be someone in a costume jumping out of bushes on Basich Boulevard behind Grays Harbor Community Hospital. Corporal Steve Timmons with the Aberdeen Police Department tells KBKW a woman reported that around 10 last night a bigfoot jumped out of the bushes and chased after her car as she drove away. Police searched the area but were unable to locate a Sasquatch, or a man in a costume.

Aberdeen man robbed while walking home

Aberdeen Police are looking for tips to an armed robbery that took place outside an F street apartment earlier this week. Police Captain John Green tells KBKW on 10/13/14 at about 10:29 A.M. Aberdeen Police Officers responded to the report of a robbery that occurred the night before in the area of the 200 Block of N. F Street.

The victim told the investigating officer that on 10/12/14 at about 9:00 P.M. he was walking to his apartment. His apartment has a front door that leads into the alley. The victim said he saw a group of men standing in the area. He described them as three Native Americans and one black male.

The victim said as he passed the group the black male struck him in the chest and then displayed a knife. The victim said the black male struck him in the forehead with the tip of the knife. The victim reported that the black male also struck him numerous times while the other suspects held his arms back.

The victim said that the suspects took his wallet and cell phone.

The victim was helped to his apartment by another tenant.

The victim refused medical assistance.

The suspects were described as:

1. Black male, approximately 30 years of age, taller than 5,5, medium build with a full beard. LSW a black hoodie, black pants, white shoes.

2. Three Native American males about 20 years of age.


Anyone with information is asked to call the Aberdeen Police Department at 360-533-3180 or the tip line at 360-538-4450.

New phone scam asks patriotic mark to help stranded soldiers

Phone scams again targeting Grays Harbor residents, the Aberdeen Police Department tells us they’ve received reports on scams ranging from a man claiming to be from the IRS, or some other federal agency, to threatening arrest, or even offering lottery winnings. A new scam involves a soldier, claiming to be stranded somewhere and hoping that a patriotic mark will send them cash.

The formula is the same and should be getting easier to spot. The caller will threaten legal action, or that you will be arrested if you don’t pay up. They may claim to be in law enforcement, but police will tell you they will not call your home to resolve a debt or warrant.

Homemade explosive device injures 3 South Aberdeen residents

A homemade explosive device sent three to the hospital Monday afternoon, Detective Sergeant Art Laur tells us at about 6:22pm, they received information from staff at the Grays Harbor Community Hospital that a 26 year-old man and 21 year- old woman were being treated for burns related to a small explosion. A third victim, a 4 year-old female, was mentioned as also injured in the explosion but was not currently at the hospital. Aberdeen Officers responded to a residence located in the 1600 Block of Coolidge road in an effort to locate the child.

When the officers arrived at the residence they observed a roll of toilet paper smoking on the pavement behind the house. Also noted in the area was a severely chard women’s tank top. While at the residence, it was discovered that the 4 year-old child was now at the hospital having her injuries attended to.

Aberdeen Police Detectives were called to the location and soon determined that the 26 year- old male had been at the residence with his 21 year-old girlfriend and 4 year-old niece. He had placed the toilet paper roll on the ground and poured black powder on top of it. He then lit a fuse which he had attached to the paper, causing the powder to smoke and flash. He then attempted this act again but when he poured the black powder on top, it exploded.

The male received burns to his left hand and leg. The 21 year-old female received burns to both legs, abdomen, and left arm. The 4 year-old child received burns to her upper chest and shoulder area. The 21 year-old female and 4 year-old child were transported by ambulance to Harborview Medical Center with non life threatening injuries. The 21 year-old male was taken to the same location by a family member. Both females remain at Harborview in satisfactory condition. The male was treated and released.

The investigation is on going.


MRAP leads parade to front door of conflict, then through downtown Aberdeen

Aberdeen Police arrested a man on assault in the first degree charges this morning following a standoff that ended with the use of their new armored vehicle.
Police Captain John Green tells us they received the call around 5:30 this morning of a shotgun being fired in a room at the Travelodge hotel in the 500 block of Wishkah street. Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Cosmopolis police responding found a woman had already left the room, leaving the suspect alone. Initial contact did not work this morning, Green said they evacuated nearby rooms, shutdown a couple blocks of Wishkah street, and activated the Regional Crisis Response Unit. That includes the large military looking vehicle you might have seen in the Founder’s Day Parade this morning just a few blocks away from the scene of the crime – still being processed.
Their Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) was driven to the front door of the room, a negotiator was able to speak with him from the other side, Green said the 59 year old man eventually came to the door and was taken into custody without further incident.

Aberdeen Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)


Investigation closes State Route 101 in Aberdeen for hours Saturday morning

Aberdeen police had to close State Route 101 for several hours this morning at Jefferson Street, while they investigated A a possible shooting incident a block away.

We’ll get more details on the investigation when that’s available, in the meantime give yourself extra travel time through Aberdeen today as several roads are closed during the festivities of Aberdeen’s Founder’s Day celebration.

No injuries after Aberdeen house fire spreads to second home

A house fire in Aberdeen early this morning spread to a second home, police evacuated a third before the two-alarm fire was stopped. Aberdeen Fire Captain JR Streifel said the call came in just after 12:30 Friday morning. A man noticed flames coming from the attached garage of his home in the 1700 block of Westport Road. Crews reported the house was fully involved when they arrived, the flames quickly spread to a nearby truck and travel trailer, then a second home on the cramped property.
Streifel said Aberdeen Police evacuated a third home on the property before they got the blaze under control around 1:30 this morning. No injuries were reported, the first house looked like a total loss, as did the truck and trailer, Streifel said they stopped the fire in the attic of the second home, which was burned on one outside wall. A total of 21 responders were on scene until nearly 4 a.m.