• Stolen city truck found after parking complaint filed with the city of Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The City of Aberdeen found its stolen truck, it turned up after a homeowner called to complain that it had been parked in front of his house for the past 5 days. Aberdeen Police report minimal damage to the vehicle, but could not go into detail as to how it was stolen from the parking lot of a store in the 200 block of Market street Friday afternoon. The tan 2001 Chevy extended cab belongs to the water department and has city emblems on each door. It was parked in the 600 block of McKinley Avenue with only some tools missing when it was recovered Wednesday morning. The incident remains under investigation.
    Detective Sergeant Art Laur tells us this is the time of year that his department sees a spike in auto thefts, and many are crimes of opportunity. “It’s getting colder, and with vehicles iced up in the morning, people generally go out and they start their vehicles and they leave them running.” Laur said besides being illegal to leave a vehicle running unattended, “it’s just not a good idea.”
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  • Third batch of State Route 520 Bridge Pontoons to float from Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The third cycle of pontoons headed for the State Route 520 bridge will float out of the Aberdeen casting basin later this week. 

    SR520 Pontoon float path

    Sara Phelan with the Washington State Department of Transportation tells us the float-out of these next six pontoons marks the halfway point for the Aberdeen site. WSDOT has now completed 38 of 77 pontoons needed for the new SR 520 floating bridge. In all, crews will build 77 pontoons – 33 constructed in Aberdeen and 44 in Tacoma – for the new SR 520 floating bridge. With the third Aberdeen cycle complete, crews have finished 18 pontoons in Aberdeen and 20 in Tacoma.

    The first of six pontoons will leave the casting basin around 10 Saturday morning.

    Just like the last float-out, the huge concrete structures need to leave the port facility during the highest tides possible. The pontoons will then be towed to a separate moorage facility in Grays Harbor until they are towed 260 nautical miles around the Olympic Peninsula to Lake Washington at a later date.

    SR520 Pontoon Construction Site in Aberdeen

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  • Area doctor voices concerns over “meth-heads” in Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – Aberdeen’s downtown homeless population is apparently migrating up the hill. That’s according to Doctor Carey Martens, he told the city council at last night’s meeting “I live up on Broadway Hill, we’ve seen a huge influx in terms of vagrants, meth-heads, every kind of undesirable that you see downtown – we’ve got up in our neighborhood.”
    KBKW On DemandThe Chief of Staff at Community Hospital said he’s often asked questions as he recruits doctors to the area “And they’re asking ‘Doc Carey, where should we buy a house at?’ Oh Wishkah is looking good, just come in and work – get the heck out of [Aberdeen] at night.”
    The doctor said he doesn’t feel safe in his own driveway, and warned the council “I can practice medicine anywhere I want, and I chose to come here. People like me are not going to stay here for much longer, unless we get this place cleaned up.”
    City Councilwoman Kathy Hoder said she sees similar issues at her business “I pack a gun to work, and I keep it with me at all times.” although her solution might not be for everybody.
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  • Every 32 Minutes Program in Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – Emergency responders will swarm Aberdeen High School tomorrow, students will be medically evacuated, bodies pulled from a wrecked car with the jaws of life, others will be pronounced dead. Some students will read the obituaries of their best friends over the school’s PA system, it’s all part of the “Every 32 Minutes” program taking place tomorrow at Aberdeen High School.
    Susan Bradbury with the Grays Harbor “Target Zero” Traffic Safety Task Force tells KBKW “Every 32 minutes someone in the US is killed by an impaired driver. Beginning tomorrow, Aberdeen students will hear a dispatch report of a collision every 32 minutes over their PA system. A Grim Reaper will visit classrooms and pick out “victims,” who will will not interact with other students for the rest of the day. Students will also see a mock car crash with full paramedic response, as well as an investigation and arrest for driving while under the influence. Tomorrow’s event is presented by Grays Harbor’s Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force, Local police, and area schools. Bradbury tells us this will be the fourth year for this successful program on the harbor.
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  • Grays Harbor College Career Fair today in Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Grays Harbor College will host its second annual Career Fair today, from 10 am to 1 pm in the HUB on the main campus in Aberdeen.

    The event will provide students and the public the chance to network with professionals in various career fields, gather information about requirements and expectations and explore career opportunities in Grays Harbor.

    Over 25 businesses will be participating, including Bonell Photography offering complimentary headshot photos. Participants are also eligible for a $50 gift certificate to the Grays Harbor College Bookstore!

    Grays Harbor College says that this is an informational event, not a hiring event.

    Admission is free and parking is available. For more information, call 360-538-4165.

    The second annual Career Fair is Tuesday, October 15, from 10 AM-1 PM

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  • North Beach PAWS teams with PetSense for kitten adoptions in Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – PetSense in Aberdeen has some new kittens and cats up for adoption, thanks to a recent adoption of their own, that spawned a new partnership with North Beach PAWS. They supplied the furry orphans for the Petsense National Adoption event earlier this month. Brittanie, the new manager of the local PetSense adopted “Dexter,” and that got the ball rolling.

    Molly High of North Beach PAWS tells us they are grateful for the opportunity and thanked PetSense for their hospitality. The cats will be rotated every 2-3 days so check back often. For each cat adopted, PetSense gives a cardboard carrier, a blanket, one month of flea treatment, and a goodie bag, as well as 10% off purchases the day of the adoption.

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  • Stark Resilient World HQ Located in Aberdeen

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist, inventor, philanthropist, noted ladies man and superhero, has chosen to locate his sustainable energy initiative Stark Resilient world headquarters in Aberdeen, Washington. Local blogger Justin Barlow first noted the change in Invincible Iron Man Issue #517.

    “We are pleased to learn that Iron Man has decided to locate such an important branch of his company to the sustainability hotbed that is Grays Harbor,” said Callie White, communications director for Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., the regional economic development council and chamber of commerce. “We think he can learn from our companies’ use of biomass, and maybe encourage some tourism by bringing in his Avenger friends.”

    Located in Grays Harbor County, Aberdeen and the surrounding region has a growing reputation for its green industries. Imperium Grays Harbor, a biodiesel plant, NewWood, which mixes recycled plastic and leftover wood to form insect- and weather-resistant boards, Harbor Paper, which uses biomass to help power its recycled paper mill, Paneltech, which uses recycled paper to create durable countertops and even military shielding, and Cosmo Specialty Fibers, which also gleans electricity from biomass, are all examples of Grays Harbor industries that are finding use in products that would otherwise head for the landfill, or are making strides in reducing their carbon footprint.

    Coastal Community Action Program, a local non-profit, erected four 1.5 megawatt windmills in the South Beach area, and now receives a portion of its funding from the sale of green electricity.

    The strong Pacific tides along Grays Harbor shores have long been looked at as potential sources of sustainable electricity, garnering a pilot study from the local Public Utility District.

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