Jack Durney – Hoquiam Mayor

Balloon fight between Hoquiam and Aberdeen residents on May 16th.

Hoquiam’s Urban Renewal Project, and the upcoming movie at the 7th Street Theater.


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Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Bridge Edition

Remember the old song line ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’?  
If you are one who looks for hidden messages in frustrating events, perhaps you hummed that little ditty as you tried to maintain your good manners and willingness to share your lane during the time that Hoquiams’ Simpson Avenue Bridge was closed for repairs!  The happiness of having our beloved bridge back is in direct proportion to the five months of straining to think happy thoughts.  We’re talking really, really happy here in Hoquiam!  

It still feels a bit odd to make the old familiar loop over the Riverside and Simpson bridges.  Instead of being in my usual fog of deep thought, I’ve quietly celebrated all week as I scoot over the bridge.  Must be exactly what our grandparents experienced eighty seven years ago when the bridge was first built.  I know that complacency will settle in all too soon, so I’m trying to savor this experience as long as possible.  After all, life is full of highs and lows, which is exactly what makes the good times so sweet. 

Santa Claus comes to Ken Schoenfeld Furniture

Saturday, December 18th Santa Claus comes to Ken Schoenfeld Furniture from 1 until 5!

Get your leg lamp raffle tickets while visiting with Santa



Shopping discounts all over Hoquiam all day long!  Shop Hometown Hoquiam for a relaxed, old fashioned bargain hunters paradise.


 Restaurants are offering great specials; The Golden Dragon is giving a free order of their new appetizer, Crab and Cream Cheese filled Won-Tons, with every dinner entree; The Oriole will give a free beverage ( soft drink, coffee, tea hot chocolate) with every meal, except the Bridge Closure Special, and at Los Arcos if you buy two dinners you get a free appetizer valued at up to $9.95


Ralphie Look-alike Contest winner wins an official replica of the Red Ryder BB Gun, so get your pink bunny suit out of the closet!


Have a good dinner in Hoquiam, then stroll over to the 7th Street Theater for A Christmas Story!


Movie: A Christmas Story (1983)

Location:7th Street Theatre

Time:7:30PM Saturday, December 18th

Grays Harbor Public Market News – Easter Egg Edition

Easter comes early this year, but I feel as though I’ve been anticipating it for a long, long time! Perhaps this is because the Daffodils have been out for several weeks, and the Tulips and Trilliums are finally here to keep them company? We have scads of Daffodils and Tulips now, and the Trilliums have finally made their appearance just in time for Easter. The wild Johnny-Jump-Ups are showing nicely now. Truth to be told, they are my favorite of all the Spring flowers. Not only is their name cute and endearing, but the bright little yellow blossoms pop up out of nowhere and last for months. We have a few favorite places to visit where the JJU’s thrive in incredible abundance- usually on an obscure and almost abandoned back road with a swampy shoulder. Perfect for an afternoon bike ride!

Easter is full of traditions, and if you grew up in the Western Hemisphere, you have probably colored a few Easter eggs in your youth! Do kids still do that??
There has never been a time in my life when eggs were scarce, but then- I have lived in a blessedly rich country in a bountiful time. Chickens do not enjoy winter any more than we do, and their egg-laying schedule slows considerably during the cold months. As the weather warms up and the daylight increases, they begin to perk up and take notice. More eggs appear, just as Easter approaches. Do you see a coincidence here? If you were living during the 1200's, scraped your way thru a long cold winter trying to put food on the family table, and suddenly the miracle of new life and a new season brought an abundance of fresh eggs, you’d have been so thrilled with that bounty that you would be serving eggs with every meal! They stay preserved longer when hard boiled, and perhaps, on a whim, you decided to boil them in the same water that the beets had been stewing in. Wow!! Reddish-pink eggs!