Summit Pacific Medical Center mandates flu shots for employees

Elma, WA – Summit Pacific Medical Center has decided to require all staff to receive their flu shot this fall, and will begin letting new hires know that their employment with Summit Pacific is reliant on them receiving the vaccine. There are two opt out options available for those with allergies and religious objections. Both reasoning’s will need to be backed up with documentation from their primary care provider and/or their religious organization’s leader.

“Over 96% of our staff have already been receiving their flu shot,” Employee Health Nurse Vicki Cambern shared, “However, in line with our vision to be the national model for patient centered care, our goal has always been for our staff to be 100% compliant. We do not want anyone coming to Summit Pacific and contracting the flu from one of our employees, and we want to make sure our employees are protected and not getting sick because they are offering care to somebody with the flu.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend all those over the age of 6 months receive their flu shots as soon as they are available, preferably by October ( Starting September 2nd, Summit Pacific Healthcare Clinic, Elma Family Medicine, and Mark Reed Healthcare Clinic will begin providing flu vaccines for their patients. To schedule an appointment to receive your flu shot at any one of the clinics, call 360-346-2222.