Repairs being made to tracks, roadway in Aberdeen after train derails early Tuesday

Crews delivered lights and generators this evening to the site of a train derailment in Aberdeen, Puget Sound and Pacific plans to have the line open again by tomorrow. The cars have been up righted, and one cleared from traffic across South Washington street as of 6 this evening, however crews were still making repairs to tracks across that remote intersection. Earlier this morning two cars were on their side with grain seeping from their tops, another two teetering with multiple cars off the tracks. PS&P crews are making repairs overnight.

Gary Nelson, Executive Director at the Port of Grays Harbor reports there were “notified of a derailment on the West end of the Poyner Yard in Aberdeen this morning at 1am. The cars were carrying grain products (DDGS). The derailment was not on Port property. No one was injured in the incident.”

Nelson said in a statement this afternoon “The railroad plays a critical role in the economic development and job creation in our community but that commitment comes second to safety. Consequently the derailment has become the primary focus of the PSAP and Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) Western Region leadership as they begin repairing and investigating the incident. The Port is confident that the railroad will be proactive in their approach to investigating the incident to fully understand how and why the derailment occurred. From that point they will review and change operating procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Lest the community try to correlate this incident with crude transport Joel Haka, Western Region VP, reports that crude transport will induce major upgrades to the PSAP and the use of high railing (trucks used for inspecting the track) will preclude all oil train movements over the PSAP.”

Nelson added “It is unfortunate when these events occur but the relatively low train speeds on the PSAP helped to minimize the impacted railcars to one or two. The G&W commitment to safety pays off in these situations as they demonstrate firsthand their ability to respond quickly and efficiently to minimize damage and delays to the community. With a common goal to create jobs and commerce by safely moving goods to global markets, the Port is proud to have a partner like the PSAP that is committed to safety while at the same time working to create jobs in our community.”