Record attendance for opening day of Grays Harbor County Fair

Attendance numbers for opening day of the Grays Harbor County Fair were very positive. Total attendance for Wednesday was 11,950. That is a 2,260 increase over 2013’s Wednesday total. Manager Mike Bruner said “In fact, it appears to be the highest Wednesday attendance in GH Fair history. The closest Wednesday total on record was 10,164 from 2012.” – Mike later corrected himself, saying “We did some checking to confirm whether or not yesterday was the highest Wednesday. We confirmed that the Dirks Bently show in 2004 was on a Wednesday, and may have brought in a higher one day total. So to be safe, it would be better to say that yesterday was the highest Wednesday total in 10 years….  The 2nd highest Wednesday in Fair History.”

Davis Shows at GHC Fair

Bruner added “great weather, an expanded marketing approach and the Thomas Rhett show are likely the main contributors.”