Preliminary Election Results Show Support for Fire Districts, Some Schools in Grays Harbor County

Preliminary numbers for the February 14, 2017 Special Election were posted last night. The Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office reports 29.7% voter turnout so far.

Voters appear to be supporting a proposed levy lid lift in Montesano, a change of the board at Cosmopolis school, and three EMS levies at rural Fire Districts, however, two school levies in Ocosta are on the edge in preliminary numbers.

A proposed levy lid lift in Montesano appears to be passing, with 58% support. The request would support Fire Safety and Emergency Services and would increase the City’s regular property tax levy to a total authorized rate of not to exceed $3.73 per $1,000 (an estimated increase of $0.95 per $1,000 over the 2017 levy)

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Cosmopolis voters are supporting a change to their school board with 77% yes votes. The “Dissolution and Reappointment of Directors’ Districts” would allow the school board to dissolve its five existing directors’ districts and reapportion the district into three director districts, each with an elected representative, and two at-large directors.
The Ocosta School District appears to be passing their request for a maintenance and operations levy that replaces their expiring levy – it’s actually failing by two votes in Grays Harbor county, but passing by 35 in Pacific County.

Voters are failing a request for a Capital levy by 5 votes between the two counties. If approved, the levy would finance health, safety, and energy efficiency improvements, for $0.58 per thousand dollars of assessed property value.
Fire District 7 voters in the Copalis Beach/Ocean City area are handily passing an additional levy for EMS and ambulance service of $0.59 per thousand dollars of assessed property value.

Fire District 10 out the Wishkah is passing a 10-year levy of $0.50 per $1,000.00 to support Emergency Medical Services

Mason County Fire District No. 12, which also spans portions of Grays Harbor County, is passing a proposition to establish a regular maintenance and operations levy of $1.50 per $1,000