Police Search Campsite Along River After Suspects Flee Traffic Stop in Aberdeen

Police conducted a shakedown of the campsite along the river in Aberdeen yesterday after a couple of suspects fled from a car during a traffic stop.

A source at the department said that an officer attempted to stop an Infinity passenger car in traffic just before 3 pm Sunday afternoon when it sped off toward State Street and stopped near the base of the Chehalis River Bridge. The driver and passenger fled toward the river on foot.

Within minutes containment was set up from Michigan to H streets, and the 3 blocks from State Street to the river were thoroughly searched.

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The Aberdeen Police Department was assisted by officers from Hoquiam and Cosmopolis as well as deputies from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office. The interagency Critical Response Unit was activated because their suspect was known to have a violent history with weapons.

Transients that camp along the river were identified and interviewed, as officers searched the thick brush and industrial businesses nearby. They even stationed an officer on the Chehalis River Bridge for a while Sunday afternoon to watch for swimmers.

Police stood down after an extensive 4-hour search of the area turned up nothing.