Police Say Juvenile Cased Business, Then Stole and Crashed Employee’s Car

A juvenile girl is being held on charges including stealing a car, and several items, from an employee area at Harbor Physical Therapy last week.

Lieutenant Kevin Darst said the Aberdeen police were called to 220 West First Street last Tuesday, March 6th for a theft complaint. The officer was told that a sketchy character with short hair had been seen hanging around the business.

One employee said her purse, wallet, and belongings were missing from an employee-only area. Another employee discovered his keys missing and learned that his car had been stolen. While the officer was taking the report, he learned that the victim’s car had crashed on State Route 105 south of the Bishop Complex.

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A juvenile girl at the scene of the wreck was highly agitated and fought the officers while being arrested. Darst said the girl assaulted two officers and tried to bite them. She had multiple injuries and was transported by an Ambulance to the hospital.

The wrecked vehicle was confirmed to be the stolen vehicle from the business, and the stolen items from the other victim were found at the scene. The case is being forwarded to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office for review and filing of multiple charges.