Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife police featured on Animal Planet’s ‘Rugged Justice’

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Animal Planet’s new documentary series ‘Rugged Justice’ follows Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) police as they patrol mountains, coasts and city streets, protecting natural resources and serving the people of Washington. The six-episode series premieres Sunday, Jan.

Aberdeen man stopped with flat screen TV under his coat

Aberdeen WA Police Department

An Aberdeen man was stopped with a 30 inch flat screen TV under his coat, detectives tracked it back to the wall of a local business through a broken window. Police Captain John Green tells KBKW, on January 12, 2015

Aberdeen city crews going door-to-door to collect damage information

Aberdeen city crews going door to door for damage info

The city of Aberdeen is sending out staff to collect damage information beginning today. They’re asking residents to report damages or losses at the city website www.aberdeenwa.gov or by calling 360-533-3100, but Mayor Bill Simpson says door to door assessments will also begin

Call 360-533-5100 for all of your “heavy rains, flooding, and landslide” needs

heavy rains, flooding, and landslides in Grays Harbor on January 5th

Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) is serving as the hub for flood related information after heavy rains, flooding, and landslides January 5th. You can call 360-533-5100. CEO Craig Dublanko said yesterday, “Grays Harbor Community Foundation provided funds for us to

Montesano Senior Center waiting on eviction notice, looking for a home

Virginia Nelson speaks at Montesano City Council meeting

The Senior Center in Montesano is expecting an eviction notice any day now, after their rent was doubled earlier this month. “Our rent tripled last year, doubled this year and we can’t do that, but we need a place to

No injuries after Amanda Park fire spreads from garage to nearby trailer

No injuries reported from a garage fire in Amanda Park this morning. The single occupant of a nearby trailer was able to evacuate before the fire spread. Chief Brian Lines reports a nearby home was not damaged, but the garage

Puget Sound & Pacific plans railroad crossing improvements in Grays Harbor

Joel Haka

Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad (PSAP) announced this week that it will be upgrading and improving railroad crossings in Grays Harbor. Specifically, plans include work at public grade crossings located at South Newell Street, Chehalis Street, Tyler Street and Fleet Street

Dumpster collections after heavy rains, flooding, and landslides, exhausts Aberdeen’s “Spring Cleanup”

Baila Way House

The city of Aberdeen tonight will detail their response to the heavy rains, flooding, and landslides of January 5th. After 72 dumpster loads over the weekend, the city spent well over $36-thousand for Saturday and Sunday service alone. Aberdeen’s Public

Patient walks away from staff at Mason General Hospital, found in canyon nearby

Shelton Police Department

An elderly woman that walked away from staff at Mason General Hospital was found in a nearby canyon over the weekend, with the help of an infrared camera. Lieutenant Les Watson with the Shelton Police Department tells KBKW Saturday evening January 10, 2015 at

Fish consumption rule proposed for Washington state, tied to governor’s legislation to reduce toxics

Washington State Department of Ecology

Proposed water quality standards for toxics announced today lay the groundwork to better protect Washington’s people, waters, and economy. The proposed update is tied to toxics-reduction legislation Gov. Inslee is proposing to address toxics that enter the environment from unregulated