Permit to help control mosquitoes in Washington now updated

Mosquitoes are the number one transmitter of diseases to people and animals worldwide. And spraying to control mosquitoes is an important tool that helps protect public health.

The Washington Department of Ecology has updated and re-issued a water quality permit that allows the use of pesticides to control mosquitoes in and near water.

With the permit, mosquito control districts, local governments and commercial applicators can legally spray to control larvae and adult mosquitoes. The permit protects water quality and allows spraying for nuisance and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Washington State Department of Health supports efforts to control mosquitoes as a disease prevention and public health protection measure.

As part of the process to update the permit, Ecology held public workshops in April. More details about the permit and the review process are available on Ecology’s website.

Grays Harbor PUD cancels North coast planned outage

Due to unanticipated circumstances, the Grays Harbor Public Utility District has announced it is cancelling the planned power outage scheduled for Thursday night and Friday morning.  The outage will be rescheduled at a later date.  Prior warning will be given.

The outage was to impact roughly 2150 Grays Harbor PUD customers, including all customers on SR 109 from the intersection of Chauncey Lane north to and including Taholah.  The outage was also to impact customers on the Ocean Beach Rd from 2303 Ocean Beach Rd north to Pacific Beach.

Vehicle prowl suspect arrested in Aberdeen, more victims sought

Aberdeen Police are asking neighbors near Tecumseh street to check their vehicles, Captain John Green tells us at about 6:42 this morning, officers responded to the 1100 block of Tecumseh street as a person was reporting interrupting a suspect in a vehicle prowl.  Officers were given a description of the male suspect who fled on a bike.
Responding Corporal Parkinson located a male matching the description fleeing the area on a bike as a vehicle alarm was sounding in the area.
Officers responded to the area as Corporal Parkinson gave chase.
The suspect, a 21 year old Aberdeen male, fled onto the Robert Gray School area.  The suspect was caught in the 1100 block of Arthur Street where he was taken into custody for two counts of vehicle prowl.  The suspect was transported to the City of Aberdeen jail where he was booked  for two counts of vehicle prowl.
Property located from the suspect leads the investigating officer to believe that other vehicle prowls or thefts may of occurred.  Anyone who was a victim of a vehicle prowl or other theft in the last few days is asked to report the incident to the Aberdeen Police.

Transient man attacked near Aberdeen campsite along Chehalis River

An Aberdeen transient was attacked by another near the Chehalis River Bridge this week. Captain John Green with the the Aberdeen Police Department reports they were called to Safeway on 5/20/15 at about 8:10 A.M. on the report that a 50 year old transient male subject was reporting being assaulted. It was reported that the victim had injuries to his head and left arm.  Aberdeen Fire Department paramedics were on scene treating the victim.
Officers were told that a 59 year old transient had attacked the victim over a alleged failure of repaying a debt to the suspect.  The victim said he was attacked by the suspect who hit repeatedly with a stick.
The Aberdeen Police responded to an area 300 feet South of River Street, between L and M Street where it was reported that the assault had occurred.  This area is generally occupied by homeless persons and is near the Chehalis River.
The suspect was located at the GH Mission and was taken into custody.  He was transported to the City of Aberdeen jail where he was booked for Assault 2nd. The investigation is continuing.

Feds providing $50M for Western water-saving projects

The U.S. government will invest nearly $50 million in water conservation and reuse projects in the drought-stricken West. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced funding yesterday for more than 60 projects in a dozen states.

As part of the Obama Administration’s continued effort to bring relief to western communities suffering from the historic drought, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation will invest nearly $50 million to improve water efficiency and conservation in California and 11 other western states.

“In a time of exceptional drought, it is absolutely critical that states and the federal government leverage our funding resources so that we can make each drop count,” said Secretary Jewell. “Being ‘water smart’ means working together to fund sustainable water initiatives that use the best available science to improve water conservation and help water resource managers identify strategies to narrow the gap between supply and demand.”

Joined by Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the funding announcement was made today at the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys, CA, where millions of gallons of wastewater are purified each day. Secretary Jewell, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Estevan López and Sutley emphasized the importance of federal-state partnerships to help work toward a more sustainable and resilient water future.

“Through the WaterSMART Program, Reclamation is providing funding for water conservation improvements and water reuse projects across the West,” Reclamation Commissioner Estevan López said. “We commend the state of California for all the steps they have already taken to alleviate the impacts of the drought. We hope this federal funding for water reuse and efficiency will help us leverage scarce resources between the state and federal governments to bring much-needed relief for the people and environment of California.”

“The federal government’s support for critical water efficiency and reuse projects is most valuable especially during this historic drought in California,” said Sutley. “The investments will help cities like Los Angeles carry out our sustainability objectives, further build our local water supply and reduce our reliance on imported water. We look forward to all these important opportunities ahead of us.”

“We are honored to host Secretary Jewell at our Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and Japanese Garden today,” said LA Sanitation Director Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E. “We look forward to learning more about the environmental partnership opportunities she will announce during her visit.”

Reclamation is investing more than $24 million in grants for 50 water and energy efficiency projects in 12 western states, more than $23 million for seven water reclamation and reuse projects in California, and nearly $2 million for seven water reclamation and reuse feasibility studies in California and Texas.

WaterSMART is the U.S. Department of the Interior’s sustainable water initiative. Since it was established in 2010, WaterSMART has provided about $250 million in competitively-awarded funding to non-federal partners, including tribes, water districts, municipalities and universities. These investments have conserved enough water to meet the needs of more than 3.8 million people. Every acre-foot of conserved water delivered means that an equivalent amount of existing supplies is available for other uses.

WaterSMART water and energy efficiency grants can be used for projects that conserve and use water more efficiently, increase the use of renewable energy, improve energy efficiency, benefit endangered and threatened species, facilitate water markets, carry out activities to address climate-related impacts on water or prevent any water-related crisis or conflict. The 50 projects announced today will be leveraged with at least 50 percent non-federal funding for a total of $133 million in improvements over the next two to three years. For a complete description of the 50 projects, please visit the WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grant website.

Through Title XVI of the Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Facilities Act, Reclamation provides funding for projects that reclaim and reuse municipal, industrial, domestic or agricultural wastewater and naturally impaired ground or surface waters. Title XVI provides up to 25 percent of project costs. Project sponsors provide the remaining 75 percent of the funding necessary to carry out projects, thereby leveraging limited federal funding to implement as many water reuse projects as possible. Seven projects in California will receive $23.2 million. For a complete description of these seven water reuse projects, please visit theWaterSMART Title XVI website.

Also under the Title XVI Act, Reclamation is providing $1.6 million for communities to study whether water reuse projects would help them to meet their future water needs. Four feasibility studies in California and three studies in Texas were selected this year. Feasibility studies are funded jointly by Reclamation and project sponsors. A cost-share of at least 50 percent of study is required. For a complete description of the seven new studies selected for funding, please visit the WaterSMART Title XVI website.

Oregon Amber alert ends in arrest in Washington

Olympia – Around 2:00 p.m. today the Nampa Idaho Police Department requested an AMBER alert issued in Idaho on May 19, 2015, be extended into Washington and Oregon.  The Nampa Police Department received information that the suspect was seen in Oregon and had indicated to a witness he was on his way to Seattle.  Notification was sent to all Washington State Patrol Communications Centers of the impending alert.

Oregon issued the alert and the information was broadcast to the public over a Portland area radio station and a private citizen in Washington heard the Portland radio broadcast.  The citizen called 911 at 2:45 p.m. indicating they were following the vehicle on Interstate 5 northbound at mile post 54.

A State Patrol Sergeant and an officer from the Castle Rock Police Department were in the area and were able to stop the vehicle on Interstate 5 near milepost 58.  The suspect was placed into custody and the children were recovered safely.

AMBER Alerts have been attributed to the successful recovery of over 730 children in the United States since the system started in 1999.  Getting information to the public is crucial in assisting law enforcement recover abducted children.  This is another example of the success of the AMBER Alert system and the critical role of the public in locating children in imminent danger.

Washington state employees take a break to make a point

State workers in more than 80 locations across Washington are planning what might be seen as a mini-strike today at noon.

They’re calling the 15-minute walkout a “Unity Break,” saying the goal is to get state lawmakers’ attention and reinforce the importance of the work done by state employees. Thornton Alberg, who works at the Department of Labor and Industries, described the plan.

“Forty-thousand of my friends, we’re going to step out and take a little break in support of getting our contracts approved by the Legislature,” he said. “They are holding out, and holding us hostage.”

Alberg, vice president of the Washington Federation of State Employees Council 28, said the WFSE board took a vote last fall to authorize job actions up to and including a strike, and some workers already are in favor of it. He said state employees are discouraged because the need for state services increases along with Washington’s population, but with fewer state workers to provide those services after years of budget cuts.

At issue currently, he said, are raises proposed in the next two-year contract. Some lawmakers, particularly Senate Republicans, have said they don’t approve.

“They don’t like the 3 percent increase in the first year and the 1.8 percent increase in the second year,” Alberg said. “I took a 3 percent cut one year; we were furloughed the year before that. And we haven’t had raises for nearly eight years.”

Just a week ago, he said, a citizens’ commission approved an 11 percent pay raise for state lawmakers over the next two years, starting in September

State Route 109 speed limit through Seabrook changing permanently

Drivers through Seabrook in North Grays Harbor County will soon see a permanently adjusted speed limit along a nearly mile-long section of State Route 109. The current 35 mile-per-hour speed limit between mileposts 27.9 to 28.63, just south of Pacific Beach, will be permanently reduced to 25 miles per hour. New speed limit signs are scheduled to be posted Thursday, May 21. The adjusted speed will be enforceable as soon as the signs are installed.

Seabrook developers requested the change to reflect continued community development in the area. After consulting with the Washington State Patrol and conducting speed studies, WSDOT agreed to the change.

WSDOT offers many ways to know before you go. Drivers can visit WSDOT’s travel alerts and construction update webpages for current travel conditions and construction impacts.

Special Filing Period announced for 20 empty seats in Grays Harbor

A special filing period has been announced for 20 seats left unfilled in Grays Harbor County. May 27th through the 29th, candidates need to file at the County Auditor’s Office in Montesano.
Seats left open after filing week include Jasmine Dickoff’s Hoquiam Council seat in Ward 2, School board seats in North Beach and Cosmopolis, 7 Fire District board seats throughout the county, 5 Parks board seats, 3 Cemetery board seats, and 2 seats on Water District 8 in Neilton.

Any candidate filing will automatically go to the General Election on November 5, 2015; they will not be on the Primary.

May 18, 2015




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, for the purpose of holding a Special Three-Day Filing Period for the General Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2015.  The following positions had no candidate filings.  The filing period will begin on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. and will end on May 29, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.  Candidates must file with the County Auditor at 100 W. Broadway, Suite 2 in Montesano.


Hoquiam Council Ward 2 Position 3

North Beach School Director District 4

Cosmopolis School Director District 1

Fire District 3 Position 2

Fire District 4 Position 1

Fire District 4 Position 2

Fire District 6 Position 1

Fire District 8 Position 2

Fire District 8 Position 3

Fire District 10 Position 2

Parks District 1 Position 1

Parks District 1 Position 2

Parks District 1 Position 3

Parks District 1 Position 4

Parks District 1 Position 5

Cemetery District 1 Position 1

Cemetery District 1 Position 2

Cemetery District 1 Position 3

Water District 8 Position 1

Water District 8 Position 3


Total Open Positions – 20


Any candidate filing for the above positions will automatically go to the General Election on November 5, 2015; they will not be on the Primary.



County Auditor and Ex-Officio of Elections

Grays Harbor County

Pacific County Emergency Management Agency seeks AmeriCorps applicants

The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency is currently seeking applicants for an AmeriCorps Service Member to serve as a Public Education Outreach Coordinator. This Disaster Preparedness Public Education Outreach project will focus on the continued development of disaster preparedness public education programs, coordination and/or instruction of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) programs, building partnerships with area businesses and schools, developing emergency response resource lists and contacts, and building capabilities for the access and functional needs population including community members identified as economically disadvantaged. The goal of this effort is to develop a cadre of volunteer public educators that have the skills and abilities to educate the citizens and communities in Pacific County about disaster preparedness, the coordination and delivery of public education programs and presentations, as well as the recruitment of volunteer community level responders.


The Service term is September 1, 2015-July 15, 2016. There is a monthly stipend $1155.00 and a $5,645 Education Award available upon successful completion of the service term.  The position benefits include a health plan, as well as childcare for those who qualify. Participants must be age 18-25. Anyone who is interested in applying can do so at:  If you have questions or need additional information contact Scott McDougall at: 360-642-9338/360-875-9338 or: