Ocosta School District voters get peak at new school and vertical evacuation tsunami refuge

The Ocosta School District last night detailed plans for the nation’s first vertical-evacuation tsunami refuge. School Superintendant Dr. Paula Akerlund told the crowd of about 50 “Our tight knit and self reliant community – a community that takes care of it’s own people, made the safety of their children from this generation and generations to come its highest priority and that is very impressive.”
Voters in the Ocosta School District approved a 13.8 million dollar bond last year to replace the ’round building’ with a state of the art elementary school that includes a table-top style roof over the gym that can withstand a Cascadia megaquake and tsunami surge, and hold 1,000 people until the waters subside.Designers said the structure can withstand a 9.0 quake, followed by a tsunami surge and the impact of any debris that may be moved around during a tsunami in the coastal community.

Project manager Doug Nichols said they were in the paperwork stage of construction and hoped to break ground later this summer, with a completion date in 2015.
Principal Heather Sweet said the portable buildings along with the iconic ’round building’ are being replaced, and she looks forward to a single, safe building for her kids.