Ocean City gas station burglars grab beer, Swisher Sweets, and change

A couple of burglars made off with two 18 packs of beer, Swisher Sweets, and a handful of change from the Sunshine Deli & fuel station at Hogan’s Corner on State Route 109 on Tuesday.
Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office tells us just after midnight Tuesday morning alarms were reported at the store, responding deputies found the glass on the front door had been broken with a large rock. Video surveillance showed a pair of men believed to be in the 20’s ransack the store.

Shumate said Deputies learned that two individuals had entered the store after breaking the front door glass with a large rock.  The two individuals then proceeded to steal two 18 packs of Icehouse Beer in cans, several individually wrapped Swisher Sweet Cigarillos, and a small amount of change.  The suspects then fled the store and ran north.

(note: you can scan ahead to about 13:30 into the raw footage below before anything happens)


Both suspects are believed to be males in their teens or early 20’s.  One subject was wearing a crème colored shirt, dark colored pants or sweats, black and white reflective striped shoes, and a blue baseball hat with a red bill.  The baseball hat had what appeared to be a white logo on the front with white lettering on the side.  The baseball hat appeared to be similar to an athletic ball cap for such teams as New York Giants, New England Patriots, or New York Rangers.  This subject appeared to be taller with a thin build.

The second subject was dressed in dark shorts, a dark sweatshirt, dark socks, and what appeared to be dark colored flip flops.  This subject was wearing the sweatshirt hood and another garment to cover his face.  Once this suspect got to the beer cooler, he dropped the garment that was covering his face.  That item has since been confiscated and will be processed for evidence.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department at 360-249-3711.