Northwest Timber Revival in Hoquiam to benefit Associates program at Grays Harbor College

Horses Cut Shop presents a Northwest Timber Revival on the grounds of the historic Polson Museum in Hoquiam, Washington on Saturday, August, 30th. This day-long, free to the public event features live music, a beer garden, vintage logging demonstrations and graphic t-shirts representing local, iconic timber industry brands.

Sponsored by Filson Outfitters, Stihl Timber Sports and Stanley, all profits from the Timber Revival event go to support the Natural Resources -Forestry Technician Program at nearby Grays Harbor College which serves the coastal communities of western Washington state. This two year applied associate degree program provides students with the skills needed to secure jobs in the modern-day timber industry.
“Horses Cut Shop Revival events seek to re-introduce audiences to their regional American roots by reviving the brands and stories which represent their personal geographies. By creating celebrations that both honor the legacy and support the future of local industry, Horses Cut Shop hopes to strengthen the ties we all have to our communities and those elements which make them unique. ” Gabe Johnson, – Horses Cut Shop

About: Horses Cut Shop is a vintage inspired apparel company that specializes in t-shirts that represent real, iconic, local businesses around the US. Each time a t-shirt is sold, the business that t-shirt represents receives a portion of the proceeds. From bait shops to bowling alleys, diners, tattoo shops and taverns, Horses Cut Shop travels the country in search of the small town stories and brands that represent the best of the American sprit. Horses Cut Shop apparel is sold through the Horses Cut Shop website and via an exclusive partnership with Nordstrom stores nationwide.