New Series Follows The Unprepared Through a Local Disaster

What would you do if there was a major earthquake right now? Not tonight when you’ve had a chance to go over evacuation routes with family – or tomorrow after you’ve double-checked that floor plan at work, but right now.

That’s the basis of a new series written by Deputy Director of the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management agency Chuck Wallace. The first part of the six-part cautionary tail follows a local office worker suddenly faced with an offshore earthquake. A wife at home is hard to reach and concerned about children at a hypothetical school in Aberdeen as our main character at the office stands shoulder to shoulder with people asking questions like what’s a go bag? and, “Are we getting paid for this?”

Wallace said this morning that “Moments of Misfortune” can be found in each volume of the bimonthly 2018 Preparedness on the Harbor newsletter. A PDF and flyers are issued every-other-month by the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency.