Multiple fights prompt lockdown of Stafford Creek Corrections Center

Four separate fights broke out at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center on the Westport Highway Thursday. Cheri Izatt with SCC said yesterday that all medium- and minimum-custody units at Stafford Creek Corrections Center near Aberdeen were placed on lockdown after a series of multi-offender fights. No staff members were injured. One offender sustained injuries that were not life-threatening but required treatment at a local hospital.

The first fight occurred around 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the day room of one of the facility’s medium-custody units. A short time later, three other multi-offender fights occurred – one in the same medium-custody unit, one in another medium-custody unit and one in a minimum-custody unit.

Staff swiftly responded and prison administrators placed the facility on lockdown immediately following the fights. The offenders involved were placed in a segregation unit where they will be interviewed by staff investigators.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center houses about 2,000 offenders in minimum-, medium- and maximum-custody units.