Multiple arrests at alleged drug house in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Police arrested five at a busy home on West First street last night. Corporal Darrin King tells us neighbors living next to a gas station are getting fed up with traffic in and out of this home. “There’s just traffic coming in and out of there all night long and the neighbors are fed up about it and they’re calling. So we’re just trying to help them get their neighborhood back.”
One of their neighbors told the city council last week “I would like to know how I could help, you could help, and the police could help us get rid of the drug dealers that are in the house. We’ve had the people across the street there’s a lot of activity all the time – all but daytime they sleep. They break into the house next to me, they leave their needles all over. I think if we all could help each other we could make this a better thing for everybody and make the community safer.”
Corporal King said another person was arrested Friday night, all on various charges, adding that the home has been on ‘their list’ for some time.