More Staff Layoffs Announced at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen

More layoffs were announced to staff at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen today. A press release from Public Relations Director Nancee Long Thursday afternoon said that 21 unionized positions and 2 Harbor Medical Group positions were notified today.

The press release is below:

We are in week six of our collaboration with Navigant. In this short period of time we have worked with 13 Navigant team members in 38 departments of the hospital. There have been more than 200 consultations specifically focused on continuing quality care for the community of Grays Harbor. This is most definitely an all hands-on deck approach to financial viability.

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Some of the recommendations that Navigant has targeted include these goals:

~$5.5 million reduction in workforce
§ Currently ~59.98 FTE’s (Full Time Equivalents) and ~72 employees impacted
§ 10 leadership roles, 21 unionized positions and 2 Harbor Medical Group positions

~$3.2 million in Revenue Cycle enhancements

~$1.6 million in Supply Chain improvements (pricing, third party services, contract negotiations, utilization)
~$3.8 million in Clinical Effectiveness (Care Transition Team)

~ means estimated

These recommendations do not equate to immediate cash but are suggestions on how to improve our cash flow. This along with the hospital’s plan of implementing Rural Health Clinics April 16 and the State budget proviso combine to expose every available opportunity for financial savings. Navigant and GHCH Directors are working closely together to make the reductions necessary for success but retain top quality of care for our patients and their families.

In order to assure that we are prepared to carry the hospital into a bright future, a Leadership Transformation Team has been assembled to provide tools and training to employees in order to achieve long term sustainability. A roadmap for success includes trainings, one-on-one reviews and action plans for growth initiatives.

As we move in a positive direction it becomes even more important to be as transparent and communicative as possible with staff, patients, media and the community. As a result, there will be two weekly communications from the hospital both internally and externally. Our Board will receive monthly presentations focused on action plan results and community communications. Finally, the medical staff will also receive monthly briefings and talking points to utilize with patients on our status.

The last six weeks have been difficult but necessary in our drive for success. It is our intention that the changes taking place will allow the hospital not only to survive but thrive as a high-quality center of care for Grays Harbor.