Montesano Man Starts Grays Harbor Bikes for Kids Campaign

A Montesano man’s random act of kindness is getting out of hand. After just over a week his gofundme account to put bikes under the Christmas trees of Grays Harbor kids has doubled in size.

Steve Bartosh is a Corrections Officer at Stafford Creek Corrections Center, he said he started collecting from friends and family as a random act of kindness. “We’re trying to get donations for ‘bikes for kids’ in Grays Harbor County. These are kids that probably aren’t going to get a very good Christmas, so we’re going to make their Christmas a little bit better.”

His online fundraiser has already raised over $2,000, he said during a phone interview earlier this week, “I’m going to take all the money that we receive – every penny, and it’s going to go to bikes and helmets and whatever we can put together.”

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The former Marine said he’s hoping to get 20-30 quality bikes, with the help of Buck’s Bike in Seabrook, “The goal is 20-30 bikes. I want to buy an even amount of bikes for boys and girls. I really want this to be a community experience. I want it to be for children but I want the community to get involved.”

Steve said he could still use some help finding families that need a bike, “I have people out there looking for kids in need. Mr. Duffy at Steven’s School just contacted me, he said he has 5 deserving kids.”

If you’d like to donate or suggest someone, find the Grays Harbor Bikes for Kids campaign on gofundme, or on Facebook.