Meeting to Detail Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Project for Low Income Housing

The Grays Harbor Housing Authority is hosting a meeting next week to detail a project that will bring millions of dollars in renovations to low-income housing in Aberdeen an Hoquiam.

Zak De Gorgue a consultant working with the Grays Harbor Housing Authority said that they’re submitting their financial report this winter to finalize their inclusion into the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program. Degorgue added, “it’s actually 10 different properties. They’re all in Aberdeen or Hoquiam with the exception of one project that’s in Elma – all owned by the Housing Authority right now. And it’s going to be part of a large tax credit syndication that will allow the Housing Authority to rehab all 10 properties.

Degorgue said it’s a large project that will span multiple agencies, “It’s like a $30-million construction project that will see pretty significant rehab at all properties.” Properties like the Emerson Manor in Hoquiam and the Aberdeen Manor will see major renovations.

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Nearly 500 units will be renovated in total. Degorgue added, “It’s a pretty large scope of work. So they’re going to be doing some interior work, plumbing, roofing, windows. You know really the goal here is to make sure that the properties are going to last another 40 to 50 years.”

The federal RAD program is designed to convert HUD-assisted properties into project-based Section 8 contracts, which allows for tax-incentivized investments.

Zak said construction is scheduled to start early next year with local contractors, which is the second part of their meeting next week, to detail and recruit the talent they’ll need for those rennovations.

The meeting to detail the project will beginĀ at 6:30 pm on October 17th at the Aberdeen Rotary Log Pavillion.