Local Telecommunicators Honored During National Telecommunicators Week

April 9th through April 15th is National Telecommunicators Week. This week is set aside to recognize the emergency dispatchers who handle our citizens 9-1-1 calls and dispatch our emergency responders (Police, Fire, and EMS).

This week Grays Harbor Communications Center recognized their 2016 Telecommunicators of the Year during an awards presentation on Wednesday at the Grays Harbor Community Hospital East Campus.

The department also recognized individuals who were instrumental in developing and installing their new Computer Aided Dispatch system that went live earlier this year.

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Team Award for the handling of a Critical Incident was awarded to:

Wendy Richey, Krystal Eastham, Heather Cowsert and Sarah Saunders for their efforts during an assault that occurred last year.

Telecommunicator of the Year for the handling of a Critical Incident was awarded to:

Megan Hamilton for her efforts during an incident involving a lost hiker in December.

Telecommunicator of the Year for Sustained Performance was awarded to:

Krystal Eastham

Brenda Cantu, Executive Director at the Grays Harbor Communications Center said that it takes a special person to be able to handle the work of a Telecommunicator. “The dedication and passion required in order to handle the stress, shiftwork and the demanding pace is unprecedented. GHCC is extremely proud of all of our staff and the work they do day in – day out.”