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Historical Seaport has their Christmas list ready for the holidays

From engineering:
A multi drawer tool chest. Ours is in very sad shape and held together by chewing gum and habit.
Cordless drill. The current one can’t seem to hold a charge.
Metric tap and die set/SAE.

For the ed program:
A slate type chalkboard like they used in the old schoolhouses & chalk
Astrolabe. The local 5th grade textbook talks about this instrument and it would be great to have one to show.
A new ditty bag. Great idea for the crafty sort of sailor

Hand mixer or kitchen aid
six slice toaster

new Californian flag
new Washington State flag
nice 13 star in square configuration early american flag
under nav table cupboard (must match aft cabin mahogany)
ship digital camera for documenting incidents etc.

rope hot knife cutter

Crew development:
on ship first aid coarse
storytelling workshop

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