Second arrest made after Lebam attempted burglary

Pacific County Sheriff's Office

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office has made a second arrest in the investigation of a Lebam burglary.
Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said they received a call around 11 yesterday morning that there were two people burglarizing a woman’s home, and that her husband was on his way there. “He arrived at the residence, was confronted by them inside his home. One was partially masked, the other had a full mask. They were in the process of loading their backpacks full of the homeowner’s belongings. The homeowner grabbed a hammer and advised them that they needed to leave the residence, they fled on foot into a heavily wooded area near his property. They got a call around 6:45 last night from a neighbor saying that someone had come out of the woods and asked to use their phone.” A 52 year old man was arrested without incident just before 7 last night.

Matlock said the woman lasted a little longer, until about 2 this morning “She came out of the woods and she was cold and she was wet. [She] went to a residence in the Melow area of Pacific County and asked to use the phone. As we were setting up to start a new track we apprehended her in the woods.” Matlock said the 35 year old woman was taken into custody, both now face residential burglary and methamphetamine charges.

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Pacific County Sheriff's Office