Local Credit Union warns of phishing scam received by some members

TwinStar Credit Union is warning of a phishing scam that’s targeting their members. Emails received by some claim that their “access to online banking has been terminated,” and include a link to a fake website to reset their password. The website appears similar to the credit union’s online banking page. It asks for your member number, password, email address, and email password. If that isn’t a big enough clue TwinStar says you should always access your online banking directly from their website at www.twinstarCU.com

Twinstar is telling its members: “Do NOT enter any information in this site. If you have already done so, contact us right away at 1-800-258-3115.”

Twinstar said on their website The subject line of the emails state: “Alert: New message from online banking” or something similar. The email tells recipients that, “We have terminated your access to the TwinStar Credit Union Internet Banking System.” The email then directs recipients to click on a link that asks for an account number, password, and email.

If you receive one of these emails please forward it to [email protected] so we can track the scammers and shut them down.

You should always be suspicious of unsolicited emails from your bank, and access your banking website directly not from an email link.