Local Business Warned to Watch For Counterfeit Money With Chinese Lettering

The Elma Police Department is warning local businesses to watch for counterfeit $100 bills that have been circulating in East Grays Harbor County. Police Chief Susan Shultz said they’ve recently seen an increase in the use of counterfeit money. Specifically, $100.00 bills.

These bills are a part of a Nationwide fraud scam. The fake notes have pink or purple Chinese lettering on them, and a number of obviously incorrect features. They have what appears to be Chinese characters on the front and back. They all have the same serial number, but they do not pass any counterfeit tests.

You can find a pack of 100 of the fake $100 notes being sold on ebay for as little as $5 without a bidding war, you can even buy singles for just over one real-dollar. Although police are showing a $100 sample of the counterfeit money, the nationwide examples imply that the bills may be any denomination.

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A statement on the website of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, in Maryland, said “The counterfeit bills are sold on the internet as Chinese banknotes. They come in lots of 100 pieces and are sold for $16.99. Some of the notes have duplicate serial numbers printed on the front.”

Some of the Chinese words written on the bills translate as “not to be used as real currency” and “bill to be used for counting practice.”

Chief Shultz said in an email to Elma business owners “please ensure you and your employees are checking all bills carefully. If someone attempts to pass the bill in your establishment, please call 911 so an officer can respond.”