Kilmer to Hold Meetings in Every County during “State of the District” Tour

Over the upcoming District Work Period, Representative Derek Kilmer will visit every county in his district to meet with constituents, local business leaders, and various stakeholders. Calling it the “State of the District” tour, Representative Kilmer will hold meetings throughout the region to better understand the concerns of his constituents and promote his plans for economic development.

During the “State of the District Tour” Representative Kilmer will hold round table discussions on federal workforce issues, environmental issues, small business issues, and education issues. Additionally, he will hold meetings with seniors, veterans, attend Kilmer at Your Company events where he is accessible to a company’s workforce, and speak to Rotary Clubs and other organizations.

“Building a strong and healthy economy in the region begins with conversation, I’m looking forward to visiting every county and getting input on ways we can grow our economy, create jobs, and solve problems for folks here at home.” – Representative Derek Kilmer