Kilmer Releases Detailed Economic Development Plan for Olympic Peninsula

In light of the persistent high unemployment rate on the Olympic Peninsula and after months of meetings with constituents to discuss ways to improve the economy, today Representative Derek Kilmer released the Olympic Peninsula Economic Development Initiative. This six-point plan lays out ideas, bills, and tools to strengthen the foundations of economic growth, promote innovation and entrepreneurism, and to protect natural resources.

Click here to read Representative Kilmer’s Olympic Peninsula Economic Development Initiative.

“Over the course of the last year, I’ve met with a wide range of constituents to discuss just what it will take to get our local economy really going again,” Representative Kilmer wrote in the Olympic Peninsula Economic Development Initiative. “As someone who was born and raised on the Peninsula and spent a decade working in economic development, I know we actually have a lot of the key building blocks in place. We have a skilled workforce, strong ports, abundant natural resources, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are laying the foundation for long-term economic growth.

“It’s also clear that the federal government can help leverage these strengths to boost our local economy. That is why I am putting forward the Olympic Peninsula Economic Development Initiative—to outline ways in which we can advance policies that will help spur economic growth, strengthen the long-term viability of key industries, and protect our precious natural resources for future generations.”

The six components of the Olympic Peninsula Economic Development Initiative are:

Growing Opportunities in the Timber Industry

Bringing Jobs Back to America, Invest in Rural Areas

Enhancing Our Infrastructure

Protecting Our Fisheries

Supporting Innovation and New Market Opportunities

Promoting Competitiveness through Life-Long Learning