Investigators Say Discarded Cigarette to Blame For Fire at Parkway Tavern

A discarded cigarette almost burned the Parkway Tavern in Aberdeen overnight. Battalion Chief Troy Palmer said that they were called to the report of a structure fire at the Parkway Tavern and Barber Shop in Aberdeen at 4:03 am Thursday morning.

Upon arrival smoke could be seen on the south end of the building coming from an attached storage area. A small exterior wall fire was discovered and fire crews opened up the wall to extinguish the fire while the Aberdeen Police Department assisted in evacuating the second-floor apartments. The fire took approximately 5 minutes to bring under control and the building sustained about $1000.00 in damage. No residents were displaced as a result of the fire.

The fire was discovered by a woman riding her bike along Park Street. The cause of the fire appears to be caused by discarded cigarettes onto dry weeds and grass along the base of the wall.

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Palmer said a total of 10 firefighters responded. 8 firefighters from Aberdeen and 2 from Hoquiam in 1 Command vehicle, 3 Engines, and 1 Medic Unit.

The Aberdeen Fire Department would like to remind everyone that conditions outside are still extremely dry and any cigarettes or other smoking materials should be properly disposed of in a safe manner.