Interrupted Burglar Drags Fencing Before Abandoning Vehicle

A would-be burglar was thwarted by the property owner over the weekend, then took some fencing with him as he fled the scene.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said in a press release that his officers were called to a property in the 400 block of South Adams Street Saturday morning. The owner of a fenced yard used to store vehicles for a nearby auto shop said they interrupted a man removing tires from a Toyota 4-runner.

When the property owner arrived, he parked at the entrance of a chain-link gate and contacted the 44-year old Hoquiam man. The suspect claimed he had permission to get some tires for his 4-Runner, which was also in the yard.

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As the owner explained that he did not have permission, the suspect quickly returned to his vehicle and tried to leave. His 4-runner swerved around the victim’s vehicle, drove over several large tires and crashed through a large section of chain link fence, which stuck to the tow hook on the front of the truck and was being dragged under the truck as he fled.

The victim called 911 and followed the suspect until he stopped in the 100 block of Airport Way to try to dislodge the fence section. Bystanders were going to help, not knowing the suspect had just fled a burglary; but the victim showed up and told the bystanders of the crime. The suspect then drove off again and was last seen northbound on US 101 from the city limits.

Officers canvassed the area for the vehicle and located it abandoned on Fairfield Acres Road off US 101. A canine search of the area was conducted but the suspect was not located.

The vehicle was impounded and transported to the Hoquiam Police Department where a search warrant was secured; evidence inside the vehicle helped to verify the identity of the suspect, in addition to the cell phone photo taken at the scene by the witness. Myers said he remains at large.

The victim noted four tires had been removed from a vehicle, but the suspect was discovered before he could load them into his own truck.