Hoquiam Woman Scammed Out of Thousands Over The Phone

A Hoquiam woman was scammed out of $15-thousand recently when she believed a phone call promising $60-thousand.

Chief Jeff Myers said his department was contacted last week by the 77-year old. She said she had been contacted by a “telemarketer” who promised her a return of $60,000 in cash if she was willing to pay a $7,500 fee.

She sent a check to an address in Georgia, but a few days later the “telemarketer” called back and said it was sent to the wrong address, so she sent a second check for $7,500.

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Myers said that both checks were immediately cashed and the money is gone. Even after investigators explained that it was a scam, the victim was still expecting a return phone call.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.