Hoquiam transient walks into traffic after growling and yelling at pedestrian

A man walked into traffic last night in Aberdeen, Police Captain John Green tells us a witness reported the man walking behind her growling and yelling at her before she crossed the street and saw him walk in front of a car on Simpson Avenue. Green said she crossed the street as he was making her uncomfortable and to get away from him. She told investigators that after she crossed the street the pedestrian attempted to cross the street too but was struck by the vehicle.

It happened at 10:16 p.m. Aberdeen Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of Simpson Avenue for a Vehicle v. Pedestrian collision. The driver, a 59 year old Shelton woman, told investigators that the man just walked out in front of her. Green said officers also talked with the car behind her at the time, who supported her account that she was driving below the speed limit when the man entered the roadway without warning.
The 33 year old Hoquiam transient was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital by the Aberdeen Fire Department.