Hoquiam police arrest couple sleeping in their car, recover drugs and gun

Hoquiam police found a couple of people passed out in their car, and recovered a firearm that may have been stolen recently from Aberdeen. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us just after 2 A.M. on May 13th they contacted a suspicious vehicle in the 2100 block alley between Simpson and Sumner Avenue. Officers were attempting to locate a 28-year old Hoquiam man who was wanted on an outstanding felony probation warrant from the state Department of Corrections, last observed running down the alley.

Officers approached this vehicle as they were concerned the suspect was possibly hiding inside. Instead, officers found a male and female lying back in the seats; both appeared to be “passed-out” under the influence of narcotics.

Officers recognized the male occupant as a 29-year old Aberdeen man, who also had a felony probation warrant from the state Department of Corrections, but were not positive as to his identity. When the officers knocked on the window, the occupants came awake and were shocked to see the police.

The female identified herself as a 29-year old female from Central Park. Although there was a purse in the car, she denied it was hers.

In speaking with the male, he denied being the person with the warrant and provided a false name. The male tried several times to reach toward a small black bag on the seat nearby.

Officers detained the male as they were concerned he was reaching for a weapon in the black bag. After reviewing booking photos and tattoo information from the mobile data terminal in the patrol car, officers confirmed the male’s identity and arrested him on the felony warrant (as well as providing false information).

As the male was being placed into the patrol car by an officer, the other officers discovered the small black bag did in fact contain a 9 mm pistol. When the suspect realized officers found the gun, he broke free from getting into the patrol car and ran a very short distance before being tackled and subdued.

Officers impounded the vehicle and applied for a search warrant to recover the firearm. In addition to the felony probation warrant, the male is a convicted felon and cannot possess a firearm.

The next day, officers served the search warrant issued by Grays Harbor District Court. Officers recovered the 9 mm pistol from the black bag which possibly matched one of five firearms stolen in a burglary reported in Aberdeen earlier this month. Officers also recovered suspected methamphetamine from the purse as well as cellular phones and drug paraphernalia.

The male suspect remains in custody at the Hoquiam City Jail on the DOC probation warrant. He and the female will be submitted to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office on several felony charges, including possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm and drug offenses.