Hoquiam man attacked after confronting burglar in his garage

A Hoquiam man was attacked in his garage last night after confronting a would be burglar. Police Sergeant Brian Dayton tells us the 36 year old noticed the lights were not working in both his front porch and garage just before midnight Thursday in the 500 block of Karr Avenue. When he looked in the garage he found a man trying to get into his car. He confronted the man, they struggled, and the man drew a knife. Dayton said the victim suffered minor scratches and a puncture wound to the forearm before the suspect fled East down Karr Avenue, and remains at large. He’s described as white, weighing about 140 pounds. Police setup a containment area and tracked the man a few blocks before K9 lost the scent.
Dayton said they have leads that investigators will be following up on today, adding that if you see someone committing a crime, it is not recommended you confront them but that you call 911.