Grays Harbor PUD Commissioners formally adopt strategic plan

The Grays Harbor PUD Board of Commissioners have adopted a new vision of the PUD’s future.  On Monday, the commissioners adopted the District’s first strategic plan, outlining the goals and steps the PUD will take in the coming years to improve several areas of internal and external service.


“It’s a big moment and one that was achieved by tapping the minds of our employees,” said Commission President Russ Skolrood.  “We all have ideas about how we can improve as a district, but for the first time, the people that work at the Grays Harbor PUD were asked to be involved in the creation of that vision. That is significant.”


Over the last five months, employee groups have been meeting to discuss the PUD’s development and future plans in six areas:


·         Customers

·         Finance

·         Employees

·         Safety and Reliability

·         Process and Performance Improvements

·         Stewardship

The sub-groups were made up of PUD employees from across the district, from line crewmen to customer support staff.  Meetings involved discussing PUD strengths and weaknesses in those sub-areas, identifying both short-term and long-term goals and planning the steps needed to achieve those goals.  Those goals included:


·         Improved internal and external outreach and communication.

·         Providing stable rates and responsible budgeting.

·         Maintaining system safety and reliability.

·         Addressing employee pride, retention and development.

·         Improved processes and organizational performances.

·         Long-term facilities plans and asset management.


The plan will be reviewed quarterly to ensure that established goals are being met and that updates are made to keep up with the times.


“I am very proud of this milestone moment for the employees and customers of the Grays Harbor PUD.  This is not the vision of one person or one department but of the entire PUD,” said General Manager Dave Ward.  “In placing such a high emphasis on staff involvement, we have produced a plan that is a true representation of the PUD’s goals and desire to move toward a bright future.”