Grays Harbor County Commissioners drop e-verify program

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have dropped the “e-verify” program, Commissioner Vickie Raines said last week “My understanding when it was brought forth by my predecessor that is was to assist with the salal contracts etc, based upon my review it looks like it takes care of public works type projects, it doesn’t take care of that.”
The program, which checks contractors’ employment and immigration status against a national database, was a campaign point for previous District 3 Commissioner Herb Welch, and was adopted in December with a “no” vote from Commissioner Frank Gordon. He said yesterday “A lot of people, especially the public, wanted the e-verify to keep these illegal people [from] picking salal and stuff. And the way [the] contracts are e-verify only covers people that we hire, these people are paying us, so e-verify does not touch them.”
Both Commissioners Gordon and Raines agreed, Raines added “I believe that the intent was good, I just don’t think that the action is actually of a benefit.”  The Commissioners on Monday unanimously passed a resolution rescinding the program that was adopted in December.